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Nature Valley Commercial with 36er!

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  • Nature Valley Commercial with 36er!

    check it out, saw this on t.v. the other night...

    [ame=""]Nature Valley commercial [/ame]
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    actually after watching it again is it a 36 or 29?

    tire looks like 36er tread.


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      Yeah, looks like a KH36er with a Nightrider tyre. The handlebar setup is interesting. I wonder who the rider is? Does anybody on the forum know him?


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        Don't know him, but recognize the homemade handle from his videos on here -- it's Pete, website is "Digital Hippie" . OZ or NZ?


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          I would think most people wouldn't even realize it's a unicycle.
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            I know, huh..they're problably thinking.." hmmm..there's something
            PHP Code:
            about thatbike.."

            In my part of town unis' are so rare. 1st time I saw one was at my son's playground last year, where a 5th grader showed he could ride around for a little.
            Then second time was when I driving to work. I saw a young guy practice riding a 29er on the street. So excited, I wanted to, and nearly pulled over to have chat as if we had something really, really major in common...

            Thinking about it, I might of scared him poopless into a UPD onto upcoming traffic,
            thinking some nut head approaching him out of no where....

            Wheeew....a unicyclist casualty wouldnt have been a pretty sight


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              Originally posted by newob View Post
              Don't know him, but recognize the homemade handle from his videos on here -- it's Pete, website is "Digital Hippie" . OZ or NZ?
              Looks like him. I've just viewed his video. Well deducted Newob


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                Just saw the commercial, nice
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                  Extremely cool! I don't know how quick I would have been to pick up on the unicycle in that commercial if I were watching it on TV. If I were paying attention I know I would see it, and I imagine the creators of the ad did enough screening of it to make sure random people would notice the cycle was at least unusual. I think it's great.

                  Glad somebody noticed it and was able to post it! We have a DVR, so we only watch commercials now if we're not in the room, or at a hotel.
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                    Very Cool, Thx for posting
                    HAVE FUN ON ONE!


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                      haha how cool is that! another slice of crazy and unexpected thanks to the magical interweb

                      here's a link to a high quality version posted by Nature Valley

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                        My boys got all excited this morning when they saw this advertisement. It played during the Flintstone Movie on ABC Family. So Cool!

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