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    Felix reaches the Pacific! After a MUni ride on Sunday, I rode with him (me on bike) out to Pacifica, and then Nathan rode with him to the South Bay. Southward from here!


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      Originally posted by Felixx View Post
      Three days into my tour I broke the flange of my hub.
      hey Felix,
      here a short "hub update"
      I picked up your hub (also Dave´s ) from Johannes and brought it to Sarah.
      Sarah shipped it from Bern to Florian.

      cheers and always good rides
      bei tierquälern hört die toleranz auf.
      wer elfenbein konsumiert tötet elefanten,
      wer fleisch ißt quält und tötet


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        Yesterday I met up with Felix near Pescadero and rode with him to Los Gatos. It was a short but steep route, 56km with 1350m climbing. The weather was perfect and it was really impressive watching him ride those steep 7-8% grades with 20kg of extra baggage.

        He's staying with us for Thanksgiving then heading south for LA and beyond.

        Here's a photo of him most of the way up Alpine Road having climbed about 900m.
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          Congratulations Felix on your epic tour! We missed you here in Sacramento. Now you get to look forward to some really beautiful scenery riding down the coast to LA. What then? Head to Panama?
          John Foss

          "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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            Huron, SD - Nampa, ID

            Here is an update, I had written in Nampa, Idaho but I got kicked out of
            the system without having made a backup. It took me a while until I rewrote

            After my stay near Huron, South Dakota I kept heading West. Since then I
            have been offered quite a few rides, which I gladly accepted (most of them)
            I rode along highway 14 towards Pierre and had one day of strong headwind
            (up to 40 km/h = 25 Mph). The next day there was hardly any wind, so I
            could ride at a good pace. At 2 pm, I met up with a couple from Alabama, I
            had met a few days before at the hunting lodge. Sheree and Brandon were
            driving from Alabama to Idaho to go hunting there. When I told them at the
            lodge, where I was going, they kindly offered me to pick me off of the
            highway where ever I am and to give me a ride to where ever I wanted to go
            on their route. I contacted them on Tuesday morning and they gave me a ride
            from close to Pierre to Rapid City, South Dakota (ca 300 km / 200 Mi). We
            had a nice afternoon and even took the little detour through the badlands
            national park.
            I was welcomed by Fay, Kevin and Lucas Clegg and spent almost a week with
            them. Fay drove me to Mount Rushmore and we did a loop in the Black Hills
            to see Crazy Horse, Silvan Lake, the needles and we even got to see
            mountain goats and a bison.
            When we got to the YMCA that evening to meet up with the unicycle group,
            there were two local news stations waiting. Shawn and I gave an interview
            which was broadcast in the evening.
            On Sunday we went to Spearfish canon to see the beautiful fall-colors and
            then Fay, Kevin and Lucas dropped me off in Spearfish from where I crossed
            the border to Wyoming before it got dark.
            Monday night I camped at the Devils Tower Lodge. The tower is a pretty
            impressive rock in the middle of a wild west scenery. Since I had left the
            highway in the morning it felt like riding through the wild west anyway.
            Especially, when I saw the sign in Aladdin, which said "This town is for
            The route from there was nice too and I camped out two more nights in until
            I arrived in Sheridan, where I stayed with a wamshowers host again.
            From there I tackled my first big climb. It was a day of about 80 km (50
            Mi) with 2000 m (6000 ft) climbing but as the roads were not very steep, I
            could ride everything. I camped between the two passes and crossed to
            Lovell, Wy the next day. There I got invited to stay with the Mangus Family
            who had seen me during my descent from the pass. It was a great place to
            stay and I got delicious home made apple butter for my ride the next day.
            Again, I had a hard time fighting the wind to get to Cody, but at least it
            did not snow, down where I was. I could see the heavy clouds at the pass to
            Yellowstone, (which I wanted to cross the next day). On Monday, when I
            started out in the morning the wind had not calmed down, so I had a pretty
            slow ride up towards Yellowstone. My host in the park told me that the
            roads had been reopened, after they had been closed the day before due to
            winter conditions. Nonetheless I accepted an offer to stay in Wapiti about
            50 km (30 Mi) from the park's west entrance. John gave me a ride all the
            way up the pass the next morning and I started from there at 8 with some
            ice on the road and -5 degree Celsius (ca 25 F) After 20 Minutes I had the
            first flat of my tour and, as my host had told me that I would get
            reception as soon as I could see the lake, I decided to walk a bit and call
            him to ask if he could come and get me. After one hour I was tired of
            walking and warm enough to decide that I would fix my flat on site. So I
            continued riding and met my host Tad around noon. He had decided to come
            and see where I was and took my bags in his car, so I could ride the last
            30 km (20 Mi) without luggage.
            As the short way from the lodge to Old Faithful was closed due to
            construction and it was his day off, Tad offered me a ride through the
            park. He drove me all the way to Old Faithful and I started riding from
            there. Bisons are quite impressive, and even elk and deer seem to be big,
            when you ride close by on a unicycle. I didn't see any bear or wolves
            In Rexburg, Idaho I got to stay with relatives of my hosts from Lovell.
            Sinjin & Janika and Scott &Karen gave me a warm welcome, they took me out on a
            Halloween dinner party at their church. We had a great breakfast the next
            morning and they helped to arrange a place to stay for me the following
            On my way to Boise, Idaho, I stayed in Mud Lake, Arco, Fairfield and
            Mountain Home, riding by Craters of the Moon National Monument. The ride
            from Mountain Home to Nampa was my first annoying day of the tour. I
            started late after I had met a local unicyclist (he had two 36" and one 20"
            unis in his car) and tried to get to Nampa on back roads. I ended up riding
            dirt roads and then backtracking quite a distance so I was not very
            motivated anyway and then the clip of one of my bags broke. I hitched a
            ride to Boise where I strapped my bag to the rack and rode a few more
            kilometers and got two more rides after asking for directions (with some
            riding in between). Luckily my hosts in Nampa where very friendly and quite
            handy with tools. They gave me a replacement clip and mounted it on my bag.
            Thanks Paul and Dave for helping me out!
            After having called my family and writing this update (the first time) it
            was so late that I decided to stay another night and continue to Oregon the
            next day.

            I will try to write the next part (Nampa - Los Gatos) soon,


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              Great write-up, Felix. Hope to be able to meet you when you come through Los Angeles. (And ride along for a little way as well!)
              "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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                Originally posted by LanceB View Post
                Great write-up, Felix. Hope to be able to meet you when you come through Los Angeles. (And ride along for a little way as well!)
                Hello Lance,
                I am planning to reach Los Angeles on 10th or 11th of December (Leaving Los Gatos next Wednesday). You can reach me on my phone: 517-295-9494
                I would be glad to ride with you,


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                  I finally uploaded some pictures. The newest one is from Minneapolis, though. I will do my best to get the album up top date.



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                    Originally posted by jogi View Post
                    hey Felix,
                    here a short "hub update"
                    I picked up your hub (also Dave´s ) from Johannes and brought it to Sarah.
                    Sarah shipped it from Bern to Florian.

                    cheers and always good rides
                    Thanks a lot Jogi!
                    It is good to hear, that my our hubs reached Florian. This is a perfect example for why I like unicycling! The community is just great!
                    All the best from California,


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                      Originally posted by LanceB View Post
                      Great write-up, Felix. Hope to be able to meet you when you come through Los Angeles. (And ride along for a little way as well!)
                      Hello Lance. I will arrive in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening and I would lie to be in Long Beach on Thursday. I would love to come back to your invitation and stay with you one night ore ride with you on Thursday. Maybe Jamey can join us too?
                      Looking forward to meeting you,


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                        Hi Felix,
                        Sounds great! PM sent with details.

                        "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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                          It was a pleasure meeting you over pizza at LanceB's house!
                          What an amazing feat riding all the way from Montreal to Los Angeles and beyond.
                          Wishing you all the best on your continued journey.


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                            Rear View Mirror

                            Got a call from Felix on Friday. He had lost the rear view mirror I gave him and wanted another one. Got two in the mail (along with some cool socks and stickers!) on Sat., and he received them on Wed.

                            The Ornishes are taking great care of him. We had a short Skype call before they headed for the hot tub! Oh the life! :-)

                            P.S. Felix, you'll have to post a picture of the mirror (and you in the team SpinCycle socks!)
                            Jim Sowers


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                              Sighted in Guerrero Negro, Mexico

                              Came upon this Felix sighting third hand:


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                                I cannot believe how long I haven´t posted anything, a lot has happened since the last update!

                                From Nampa, Idaho, I kept going West to Oregon and thought, my plan to make it to Crater Lake before winter caches me, would totally work out.
                                I ended up having 5 cold days (just over freezing point) and 4 really cold nights before I saw the vulcano. As it had snowed the night before and it was still raining, when I got close, I decided to go and see the lake itself another time, when I get there in summer.
                                I also decided, that I had had enough winter experience for this trip and I took the train from Klamath Falls, Ortegon to Redding, California. The first night in California, I pitched my tent under palm trees and the 15º C (60º F) felt like summer.
                                I rode to Chico, where I had another Warmshowers host and stayed there for two nights to hang out with them.
                                The next two days to Oakland (including a ride I got on the way for a couple of kilometers) were rainy and I arrived soaked after I had tried to cross the last hills to Oakland during a downpour. For safety reasons, I decided to take bart (Bay Area Metro) for two stations amd not ride the last few kilometers.
                                There I was very happy to finish a long leg of my trip in Tom and Nancy´s comfortable home, where I could dry, warm up, relax and have a great time with friends. We went out for a Muni Ride, playing games and watching the big football game: CAL- Stanford.
                                After the long weekend, Tom joined me for half a day´s ride along the coast South of San Francisco. He went by bike, as he had to speed home to be in time for classes. I kept riding to Pescadero, where another Warmshowers member let me stay in his yurt. That´s where I met up with Nathan and Grace the next morning. Nathan led me up the steepest road, I have ridden on this trip and I could almost ride everything. That were two great days of riding with company through gorgeous scenery, thanks Tom and Nathan for helping me with the route and for riding with me! And thanks Grace for giving Nathan a ride to Pescadero!
                                I got to Los Gatos right in time to visit Massimo´s Gelato factory and to celebrate Thanksgiving with many good friends.
                                Thank you all so much for making me have a perfect time!
                                I left Los Gatos after a great week and rode towards Los Angeles. On the way to Monterrey, I met Henry, a bicyclist from Michigan who was on his way south as well. We decided to ride together for a while and could both stay with Dolores in Salinas, who works in the Monterrey Aquarium and who gave us a short private tour in the morning.
                                We kept riding together along the beautifil coastline until we got to Los Angeles, where Henry visited friends and I could stay with Lance B., who had invited a group of other unicyclists for dinner. The next day he and Jamey joined me for parts of the ride to Long Beach. Lance came with us for a couple of kilometers, before he had to go back to catch up with his work and Jamey went all the way to Redondo Beach.
                                Over Christmas, I spent two weeks in Longbeach and when Marty came to Los Angeles to give Angela Pellman a ride back, she took me back to her home in San Diego, where I spent another 10 great days. Before that, I stayed two more days in Los Angeles with Spencer, Yann and Sophia, riding at Venice Beach.
                                I got to explore San Diego and had some time to prepare for the next part of my trip - Mexico. But I guess, that is another chapter that I have to tell the next time. I promise to write sooner than this time ;-)