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    Go Felix! Looking forward to seeing you when you reach the Bay Area.
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      Now there's a happy unicyclist.


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        I would love to join you as you approach or ride through the Sacramento area, though I would have to fit it in around work. A weekend day perhaps? And if you're passing this way, you can take an optional detour from Auburn, CA down to Folsom, where you can ride about 50 miles of bike path, through downtown Sacramento, across the American and Sacramento Rivers, and all the way to Davis. From there you can continue toward San Francisco. I can provide directions if you're coming.

        Keep having a great tour!
        John Foss

        "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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          On Tour:

          (Ambitionierter, šlterer, alterstarrsinniger Einradler)

          My Homepage <weird translation by GOOGLE>

          traffic rules are just an option
          DIGGER: Einradfahren kann man nich kaufen - muss man lernen


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            Felix is alive and well! He was spotted today riding in a parade with the Twin Cities Unicycle Club in Bloomington, Minnesota. He still looks as happy as that picture a few posts up.


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              Felix in Wabasha

              There's a Youtube-Video of Felix in Wabasha (Minnesota) uploaded by a couple who took Felix in for the night and accompanied him with a camera a part of the next day.
              Here's the link:


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                Awesome video, thanks for posting!

                (My favorite part -- the very end where he demonstrates how to freemount with all that gear hanging off. Very impressive!)
                "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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                  Yes, fantastic. - I really like that he is still wearing the Unicon 14 staff t-shirt from Denmark

                  Best regards
                  from Denmark


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                    Originally posted by Anna reg View Post
                    There's a Youtube-Video of Felix in Wabasha (Minnesota)
                    A new uni, or a profound upgrade?


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                      Great video! See you very soon Felix!


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                        Felix is heading south through eastern South Dakota

                        Jennifer Thomas, special feature reporter for the Watertown Public Opinion in Watertown, South Dakota here. Googled Felix because I ran into him today while working a different story and decided to do one on him, too! We had a great interview and he is on his way to Huron where he is bedding down for the night with some friends of mine. Just thought I'd let his following know that he is doing great.


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                          Thanks for the update, Jennifer Thomas. We're all cheering Felix's progress!
                          "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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                            South Dakota

                            Hello from Cavour, SD
                            It has been a while since I updated this thread but there has been a lot of activity! Thanks everyone for being interested and for posting here!

                            Cato, here is the story about the unicycle upgrade:
                            Three days into my tour I broke the flange of my hub. I could still ride but I was missing a spoke, so I went on to Toronto, where I was lucky enough to meet up with Johannes Helck and Nadine. When I told them about my problem, Johannes said, "You can borrow my wheel, if you want." While we were swapping wheels, I realized, that as he has the muni version and I have the road version of the hub my frame wouldn't fit on his hub, so he said, "You can have my frame too." so everything from the seat post downwards (except the pedals) is Johannes' unicycle.
                            Johannes, thank you so much for your help, I hope someday I can help you out as much as you did help me!

                            Since my last update I had a long ride from Milwaukee to Madison (about 90 Miles/ 140 km) but I was lucky to have Jeff Hanson join me, so it was a nice ride. Also we picked the right day as it rained the day before and the day after we rode to Madison. There we were generously hosted by Ann O Brien and Jeff Wilton. Too bad Scott was touring Europe at that time but I hope we can do a tour together one day.
                            From Madison I rode to Baraboo on Monday, September 15th where I could stay with friends of Rich Beilfuss'. Thanks Ann and Dave for your help with the organisation. I had a very warm welcome there and got to see the International Crane Foundation the next day. After that I rode along the 400 state trail, Elroy-Sparta trail, Grand River State trail, to Lacrosse and on to Trompealeau. As I had started late after visiting the foundation I only got to Elroy on Tuesday, and had a long day to get to Trompealeau, so I asked my host from Winona if she could get me from there. The next day I only rode to Wabasha where I got invited by Karl and Debra who uploaded the nice video Anna posted lately. On Friday I rode on to Prescott and Cottage grove, where I decided to hitchhike the last few miles into the twin cities where I arrived just in time for unicycle practice.
                            I stayed there for one week starting with the parade in which I was spotted alive and well, and the big hoedown at Andy and Irene's farm.
                            from Minneapolis I went to San Francisco for a week to see Lisa, my Girlfriend, who was in the states for a couple of days, and then returned to Minneapolis to continue my tour. Thanks Tom&Nancy and Vicky for hosting us, the unicycle network worked great again!
                            In Minneapolis I had a great time staying with Connie, we processed a lot of tomatoes and peppers and otherwise went to unicycle practice every day.
                            Last Wednesday (October 8th) she gave me a ride to Hutchinson where I stayed one night with Andy and Irene and on Thursday I started my next stage with a ride to Montevideo where I could stay with Andy and Irene's friends Audrey and Richard. On Friday I rode to Watertown, SD and stayed with Dave, another contact Andy had helped me to organize, and on the Minnesota/South Dakota border I met Cyrus who invited me to stay at his hunting lodge near Clark. That is where I stayed last night and I decided to go on to Huron. Judging by the outcome, being invited to stay with Tessa and her family near Huron, that was a very good idea.
                            I hope it doesn't take me as long until I manage to write the next update as it took me this time.
                            All the best,


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                              Felix crossing Bighorn mountains

                              Felix has called us, my wife and me, today at 12:00 his time, from 9400 feet, the highest point of his road across the Bighorn mountains. He said the weather was exceptionally fine for the season. A t-shirt was enough for the climb. Tomorrow he expects to arrive at Cody, Wy, in the evening. From there he is heading for Yellowstone Park. He seems to be in a good spirit.


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                                new article

                                The Lovell Chronicle has a new article about Felix from October 30, called Cross-country unicyclist welcomed in Lovell.

                                Here's the link:

                                They even got most information right! ;->