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magura hs33 brake pads

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  • magura hs33 brake pads

    at the moment i have got standard black pads on my kh 24 ,
    but would like more stopping power in wet muddy conditions,

    what would you recommend from experience ? or any tips to make them work better

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    Any trials bike pads are good.

    TNN are usually top of the line far as im aware and you can swap out the pad and use the same pad holder thing.

    many different version available too. Try a few pick one you like.

    Be careful because some may work too good for a uni unless you want to lock the wheel!

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      Is there a page somewhere comparing the different pads? I'd like some grippier than what I'm currently using (black).
      - Kenny


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        Possibly... Sorta...

        If you can find a website selling trials bike parts go to there pads and usually there are many coloured pads, different compounds ect. Each should usually have a detailed discription of the pads performance.

        Unless your using your brake for locking the wheel I would be converting to disc. Easier to adjust, find to buy, options, won't wear the rim or fail when it's wet. Even some trials bikes (Danny macaskill) now run disc instead of Maggie's on top end trials

        With the nimbus brake mount and spirit cranks it's easier now than ever before. I can understand some 36ers running rim brakes still but I see no benifit to muni with maguras other than riding and old rig waiting for an upgrade??
        If you get a chance borrow a disc mounted muni and head down some big hills to get the feel. I gave my near new maggies away to a friend


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          tarty bikes got loads of options

          (Dont like disc brake on my trials bike
          I changed from hs33 to disc and really did not like how they felt and performed )

          Im cautious of making same mistake on my muni

          I really think its down to personal preference


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            I think Maggies are fine brakes. My 26er wears them, and I've never had a problem. But sadly, I am slowly converting all my unis to disc. However, my reasoning is a bit different than most I'd assume.

            All my disc setups are using the mechanical TRP Spyre. Given a choice between mechanical and hydraulic, I'll choose mechanical every time. I know some have retrofitted cable pull rim brakes too, but it's a bigger pain to setup IMO.
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