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  • Protective gear recommendations

    I've had my unicycle for 5 days now and only used it outdoors twice. I'm brand new to the sport and had a rather hard spill yesterday that hurt my wrist, pride and ego. I'm 60 years old and on a bit of a budget, so I'm looking for recommendations for knee, elbow, wrist and shin guards that won't leave me bankrupt but will still provide me protection while I learn to ride.
    Thank you

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    I use TSG wrist guards, FOX launch pad elbow protection & 661 4X4 leg protection. I also usea high top runner for ankle protection

    Just throwing out some brand names for you to start searching. There are many other manufacturers of this type of equipment so have fun shopping.
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      You could start with an inexpensive set of skateboard safety gear at the local store. Sport's Chalet in our area has a kit with knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads for not much money. You can use any standard bike helmet.

      The most important piece is wrist guards, and I like the hillbilly brand open finger style. I would consider everything else secondary. I would add a helmet as second and then everything else further down the list.

      Have fun!



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        Dicks sporting goods store

        You can buy a packaged deal (wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads) in the skate board section for about $35.00. I am 59 and wear them


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          G-Form pads!


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            Seems many have good things to say about Hillbilly wrist guards, so I have ordered a pair in the half finger style.

            As for the other things I have picked up a cheapie set of knee/elbow pads that I believe will do the job for now. I also have a decent b*ke helmet. I'd like to get the leg armour, but it's a little beyond my reach currently. I'm using my son's shin guards and they work OK for when I slam the pedal into my shin, but I think I'd like to upgrade them in the future.

            Thanks for the recommendations. Now I just need to learn how to ride the thing.
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