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2014 Douthat Muni Gathering

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    Sounds like fun. I'll bring my light.


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      I don't have a great light, but count me in.
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        Ride schedule/meeting place

        Since people will be arriving at different times on Friday it would be good to have a proposed start time and meeting place for riders to gather. Since many people will be staying at the Lakeside camping loop, I recommend that as the ride meeting location. There are also several good trails that can be accessed from that area. Since most people probably won't arrive until late afternoon, I will propose a start time for Friday's ride of 5:00 pm. If people are arriving earlier we could also have a earlier ride option on Friday. I am hoping to get there by mid afternoon and would like to consider a long ride to the top of the mountain (up the Stony Run Trail to the Middle Mountain Trail and down the Salt Stump Trail). That ride would be about 8.5 miles (lots of climbing) and would end at the Beaver Dam Camping loop.

        Since some people may not arrive until late on Friday I also think it would be good to have a start time for Saturday's ride. I propose we meet at the Lakeside camping at 9:30 am and ride from there after a group picture. We can plan a time and location then for the Saturday afternoon ride.

        Here is a link to a map of the park which shows park facilities and camping locations:

        Here is a link to the trail map:

        This is the trail map.
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          Claude makes a great point to have a plan before we arrive...

          Those of us spoilt with smart phone-internet and texting, let alone phone service will be amused by the lack of these amenities at Douthat- unless there's a new tower since last year.

          Plan on being off the grid for the weekend. Text loved ones as you leave the interstate and let them know not to worry about your rude and inconsiderate responseless existence as you enjoy a Facebookless existence.

          Your phone will burn its batteries searching for a signal. Phone GPS ride tracking won't work if you are in airplane mode. A Garmin or cyclo computer with magnet on spoke might be an idea for us statistic crazed riders.

          I'd recommend stopping at the gas station at the exit ramp and getting a full tank of gas for the ride home- who knows what apocalypse could happen while out of touch with the rest of the world

          The park office will deliver emergency messages.

          When I was a camper I would've proposed a fire at one of the sites and a byob and snacks evening get together Saturday night. Being cabin bound with Mrs Pax I hope someone else will volunteer their site. Bring camp chairs.


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            We hope to get there Friday afternoon, early enough to do a 5:00PM ride.

            I highly recommend getting there in time to ride Friday, you never know what might blow through to cut the weekend short.

            If there are enough people interested we should also plan for shorter/easier rides to accommodate all skill levels. My wife will be riding with us this year and I think this will be her 5th or 6th off-road experience. It would be tough to start the weekend out by more than doubling her current max distance and tossing in more climbing than can be found in our area to boot.
            I'm different, yeah I'm different. I'm different, yeah I'm different. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing.


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              My wife and I are planning to arrive Friday afternoon in time for a 5pm ride. She too is learning and would like to ride with others at/near her skill level. Her longest rides have been around 3 miles with a bunch of breaks.
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                Claude, sounds great. Jess and I took Friday off so we should arrive around 3 or 4pm. I'm up for as much riding and climbing as possible and Jess on 2 wheels will as well. Sounds like we'll have enough folks for 2 different groups, awesome, can't wait!

                I love...big rides, gravel, beach, road, xc single track, cyclocross, racing against bikes and I'm a proud 36er snob!


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                  Thanks for the extra info. Good stuff, y'all. I expect to be there Friday in time for an late afternoon/early evening ride too.

                  I think I'd be better off with the beginner group myself. I'm game to try to hang on with the varsity team the best I can on Saturday but I don't want to burn all of my matches the first night. 8.5 miles is my longest road ride and would be more than double my muni max to date.


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                    I took off Friday, so I should be there early enough for the Friday ride.

                    As long as no one minds taking plenty of breaks, I'll go on the Varsity trip. If you all are wanting to wrap that one up quickly, I'll take the easier ride and save myself for the Saturday rides. I'm with Large Eddie, my matchbox is limited and I'd hate to burn them all in the first ride! I've not got to go on any longer rides in a while and I'm not sure my cardio will hold out.


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                      I'm planning to get in by 3 as well on Friday.
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                        As for the night riding, I'm thinking the 1st night would be best since we'll be relatively fresh, and not doing any more than maybe a few miles on some of the beginner and/or intermediate trails. I don't want to be worn out for the Saturday fun. Does after dinner following the evening ride on Friday sound OK or any thoughts on this from those interested? I'm open for ideas.


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                          In general, I want to get in as much riding as possible during the day. Night riding is fun but I prefer day time riding. I will bring my light but I anticipate that I may not have the energy for a night ride.


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                            Let me just say that if munimag is anticipating not having energy for a ride then we're in for it.

                            The forecast looks really good. Sat and Sun look beautiful so far. Rain Friday so you know it's Douthat.
                            I'm different, yeah I'm different. I'm different, yeah I'm different. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing.


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                              Agreed. The trail Munimag has lined out for Friday is 8.5 miles of difficult (according to the map) trails. I also agree that he is a unicycling cyborg sent from the future. If he anticipates being tired, then I will be comatose. I definitely want to do some night riding, but I plan on playing that one by ear.

                              Safe travels. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!


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                                Wow, it is tomorrow, isn't it? That came up fast.

                                I'm not unfriendly to the idea of riding at night either. But whereas we're blessed with about 14 hours of light per day at these latitudes at this time of year, and also given that I'm not sure where I stand helmet-light-wise right now, I don't think I'll be looking to this weekend.

                                Realistically I might have two good hours of riding per day in my poor old legs. Right now I'm thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my time. I just re-checked and saw that we'll be at the only camping area where the sites don't have AC power, so that narrows things down considerably.