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Pros/Cons to outer vs inner disc brakes?

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    Originally posted by MrImpossible View Post
    Reversing the frame doesn't really accomplish anything, anyway. The brake would still have to be mounted upside down or something.

    I've been thinking through the same things because I would like to replace my old 26" Oracle frame with something that has proper disc tabs, and a little more clearance. The KH just doesn't make sense. What alternatives are there? A 27.5" QX frame? Or Mad4One, which is what I'm leaning towards.
    The newer Oracle frames have welded caliper mounts and (I believe) more tyre clearance then the original ones. Available in 26 or 27.5 if you want more vertical clearance. Might be tricky to find in your part of the world though...


    Edit: Just noticed that the 27.5 frame isn't listed in that link. Might not be available separately yet I guess.
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      You can't flip it over. And even if you could, the disk tab isn't at the same distance from the hub if it's an internal or external setup.

      The tab has to be on the back, left side of the disk. Running it any other way will put pressure in directions it's not meant to have. It'll work, but it might end up damaging components faster.
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