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    Yep. The reality is that 2-3% of the population have intellectual disabilities. so one really has to be aware of how far their voice travels. Someone with a disability may not be within earshot, but with 100k members in a public forum, the chances of *not* being heard by someone with an intellectually disabled family member, friend or co-worker are damn near zero.

    As for car wash… what can I say. I'm no saint. I laughed.


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      +1 about not using the "R" word. I know no one was trying to be offensive plus there are other more accurate and descriptive terms to string together.

      Really a bad example and dangerous to tempt fate with power equipment like a spinning car wash and a unicycle.

      I'm pretty sure what they were doing is illegal also, but for my part, I am glad they made a "clean getaway" : )

      Some people have real problems that are genetic and some kids just get a rough start and are just brought up pushing the envelope.
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      "Give someone a bike and they may travel efficiently, but teach someone to unicycle and they can feed the soul for the rest of their life."


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        Originally posted by Killian View Post
        But how do you know it's not a problem? How can you know whether I'm handicapped or not? I could very well be, and find the term incredibly offensive. Just remember what happens when you assume.

        What is offensive about the video? If people doing stupid things is offensive, don't turn on the news .
        Not to single you out or anything, but I found this post a bit funny.

        Things that offend people are highly individual, it varies from person to person. It's ironic that you chose to lean on one person for using a word they may not find offensive and then later call into question why they took offense to a behavior where you see no problem at all. The comedy of life.

        I guess the comeback to that one, if it were a contest or something, would be... If people using the r-word is offensive don't go browsing message boards on the internet.

        I'm not trying to be difficult... it just comes naturally. I try to make an effort not to offend or to easily take offense. It makes life simpler.
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        I'm different, yeah I'm different. I'm different, yeah I'm different. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing. Pull up to the scene and my wheel is missing.


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          Darn, ya got me. Looks like I contradicted myself once again...

          Carry on good people.
          "I used to watch Highway Patrol whittlin' with my knife..." - NY