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Seatpost stuck (rusted) in frame

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    Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
    Depending on your frame design, you may also be able to take off the wheel and access the bottom of the post through the bottom of the frame, to pound downward.
    That's how I got mine loose.


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      Why dont you lads run a lube on some sort?
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        Originally posted by Nurse Ben View Post
        You need to follow the Nurse Ben fool proof method for overcoming a stuck seatpost; this method also works for a myriad of other unicycle problems:

        Buy a new unicycle
        I would expect a 100% success rate with Nurse Ben's strategy.



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          Originally posted by scott ttocs View Post
          I would expect a 100% success rate with Nurse Ben's strategy.

          And a refund if it doesn't work...


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            Originally posted by bristlecone View Post
            Tried lots of WD40. Tried lots of twisting the wheel with the seat wedged into something. Even tried soaking the thing in coca cola, which the internet told me to do. Followed by more attempts at twisting.

            About to give up....

            Hey, bristlecone have you had any success yet?


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              Percussion FTW!

              I realize this post is old, but I found myself trying to remove an aluminium seatpost from an old steel Nimbus frame. I'd tried many of the suggestions mentioned here (and elsewhere) but what worked wasn't yet mentioned. Penetrating oil, propane torch etc...

              My steel Nimbus has the flat-top crown rather than a round crown. With the seat, wheel and brakes removed, I put the crowns on matched-height wood blocks with the seat post hanging down between them. I used a collection of 18mm sockets and deep sockets to fill the frame reaching to the post inside so that the last socket stuck out about an inch. I tried gently tapping with a 4lb sledgehammer, but had to really smash at it to break it loose. Repeated hammering with the sledgehammer and adding sockets inside the frame until the post finally came free! Swinging the hammer to a direct hit was difficult so I used it more like a battering ram, shoving it straight downward as hard as I could making sure to avoid the wooden handle where it goes through the centre of the head.

              The post is out and both surfaces are sanded smooth. I will be coating liberally with some form of barrier grease before reassembling.

              - 4umfreak

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