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Anyone familiar with Port Angeles, WA?

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    If you go to Port Angeles, drive up to Hurricane Ridge.

    There have got to be some cool MUni opportunities!
    I think everything in the park, unless roaded, is going to be limited to non vehicular traffic, so Hurricane Ridge is good for hiking and of course skiing!!

    The National Forest surrounding the park is muni friendly and of course state, local, and some private lands are muni friendly.

    So how's Olympia? We're trying to talk my son into attending Evergreen.
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      In Olympia there are a couple of rails-to-trails bike trails. There is the Capital Forest

      Evergreen works wonderfully for students who are self motivated and creative, not so much for those who need structure.

      Olympia this time of the year is beautiful weather wise. It can get dreary during the winter. Port Angeles and Port Townsend get far less precip in the winter.


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        Port Angeles is the coolest town:

        You'll need to do the almost mile high climb from shore to summit of Hurricane Ridge. That is a club I have yet to join.

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