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25"/26" ultimate wheel aus 17" auto notrad (car tire)

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  • 25"/26" ultimate wheel aus 17" auto notrad (car tire)

    Was haltet ihr davon? Ich kann schon länger Einrad fahren aber nichts besonderes, nicht rückwärts oder mit einem Fuß. Habe 3 Tage je etwa 30 Minuten probiert und am Ende der wand immer nur noch bestenfalls eine Umdrehung gefahren, denn auf Grund der Dicke und weil der Reifen gut haftet an den seiten muss man beim jedem Runtertreten sich relativ weit zur Seite neigen, bzw das Rad zur anderen Seite, denn beim versuch grade zu bleiben bremst auch mit Jeans & Knischutz viel zu stark. Werde noch versuchen den Reifen gegenüber der Pedale einzuölen... - Auf einem 20" Einrad ohne gabel (mit leider geschwungen Kurbeln also hohem Pedal/Achse Abstand) erschien es mir aber schwerer/zu belastend für die Beine überhaupt erstmal aufzusteigen und loszufahren (selbst mit Wand).
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    Looks cool, but how about posting this in one of the non english forums.


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      Or posting in English
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        Or just take 10 seconds to put it in a translator.

        What do you think? I can long unicycle ride but nothing special, not backward, or with one foot. 3 Days tested about 30 minutes and at the end of the wall always only still at best a revolution drove, because due to the thickness and because the tyres well adheres to the pages it is necessary at the every down time bend fairly far to the side, or the wheel to the other side, because the try just to remain slow even with jeans & Yonalee protection much too much. Still going to oil the tires compared to the pedals--on a 20 "unicycle without fork (with unfortunately cranks so high Pedalaxle swinging distance) but more difficult and stressful to rise at all for the first time for the legs, to go (even with wall), it seemed.

        The translation is a bit shakey, but enough to get the gist.
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          i'd edit or delete if it would allow me.
          iam just about:
          What do you think about this one?
          is it harder/easier/differnt to ride than other utimate wheels?

          (manual translation^_^: )
          I'm able to ride unicycles since a few years but nothing advanced like backwards or with one foot. Now for this ultimate wheel after 3 days each about 30 minutes at the end of the wall i still only managed to keep on it for not more than one more cycle each time.
          As of the wheel being thick it is necessary each time to push one pedale down to also lean to that side or push the wheel to the other side, since trying to stay all straight the grip is way too strong on the sides of the tire, even when wearing Jeans and Kneeprotectors. I only still will try to put some oil on the sides of the tire... - However on a 20" unicycle without fork (-and unfortunately a wide gab between the pedales, as of S-shaped threads -) it already seemed almost too hard on the legs to only get on it and ride next to a wall - so that part is easier.
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            I do agree that is super cool and I want one
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              UW is hard anyway and at the beginning it always sticks to your legs. I was riding with jeans or some other long trousers without the shin protectors as mine tend to be more sticky than just the trousers.
              And yours looks really cool
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                Yeah UW is hard to learn.

                The flatter tire profile prob makes it easier, but the weight and width of the pedals from center (Q-factor) make it harder.

                What effective crank length do u have? Looks pretty long, would make the tire wobble/rub more. The Nimbus UWs are 24"/127mm, 29"/165mm
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