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Call for Unicyclists to ride in Utah parades this summer

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    Cliff, I have a giraffe and can ride one.

    If I decide to ride in it, I'll be on my 700c uni. Just need to see what I've got going that day. I may be bike riding or Muni riding already.
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      I received our parade lineup info. We are entry number 25. Our lineup spot is parking lot B, as marked on the map.

      The participant drop-off spot shown on the map is at 250 S 600 E. But if that particular spot is crowded with a million other people getting dropped off, you can also park along 500 E a few blocks up and walk down to 300 S to enter the DATC grounds.

      The parade route ends at 100 S 200 E, and usually the block east of there is not blocked off if you need a spot to tell people where to pick you up. We usually don't get picked up, though; we either ride back along the parade route and join our family to watch the rest of the parade or else or else just walk back to wherever we parked earlier.

      Don't forget to bring water and sunscreen. And we're allowed to throw candy if we want. I like to grab a handful of candy and hold it up so the crowd can see it real well; then I like to pretend that they're cheering for my unicycling skill and rock solid abs, and not just so I'll throw them the candy.
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