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36er Tire Pressure?

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    I used to always run at 60 PSI but lately I've been going for 50. It seems to improve comfort on bumpy roads and handling on dirt roads. It's entirely possible that it's just in my head though.

    It's often a bit lower than 50 PSI in practice since I have a Foss tube and I'm lazy about pumping it up. At most I pump it up every 3-4 weeks. The lowest pressure I've seen is about 40 PSI.

    I do carry a mini pump but reserve it for emergencies (haven't had to use it yet), because again, I'm lazy .
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      Originally posted by JimT View Post
      Give it a try at 60 to 65 psi. I weigh about 175 lbs and notice a huge difference between 45 and 60 psi. At the higher pressure it rolls much freer, is easier to make sharp turns and camber has less effect on the tire. Here is a video I did on the tire pressure effect on camber.

      Excellent video, Jim. I pumped up my Nighthawk tire psi to 60 this morning and whipped around a hilly 3.5m asphalt road faster than ever before. Big difference on camber, too, which on my road, keeps changing angles every 1/4 mile!


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        I also ride all my unis with the same pressure of between 30 and 35. For the 36" Night Rider Pro I noticed that it becomes very difficult to mount when the tire is too soft and also riding with too little air is not nice. This Saturday I rode the 29" with only 20psi which was too heavy for my liking. I don't do any technical rough service rides, so don't need it.

        As for maxing out the pressure, I am always afraid I'd blow out the tire. Though on the tire for the 36", it does recommend 35-60 or 65 psi and then I'm on the low side. I suppose a hard tire will bounce more as well.


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          Something to bear in mind now is that different Nightrider tyres handle differently at different pressures.

          The new "lite" tyre (which looks almost identical) requires a higher pressure in my experience due to the weaker sidewalls.

          I also find the older tyre better offroad for that reason, you can run a lower pressure without the sidewalls starting to fold.

          I used to run 25-30PSI on the old tyre but I run 35PSI on the new one (I weigh 60KG, around 132lbs). The roads aren't smooth enough around here (and I ride on too many bridleways) to go any higher.
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