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    See video that's 46 seconds long. There were 3 water crossings on this ride, I was a chicken and only tried the third one (and stopped halfway) but my friend @agape rode them all. I think they were up to 25cm deep.
    The video was recorded as a 360 degree video, sorry if you can't properly view it!
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      Watch your bearings(wheel and cranks)

      Hope you have some spare bearings, because getting water( or even salt water) into the axle or even the pedals is not going to be good for them.

      If you do make sure you wipe them dry, but be careful using an air duster or compressed air. You will push out the old grease. In which case, if you know how to remove the bearing seal squirt some grease back in.
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        I know my experience doesn't quite follow all the rules but thought it was fun and I wanted to share it here. My favorite trail had flooded. I was curious to know just how deep it was and also determined to try and ride through it. This was on my 26" muni (wheel diameter 30") so the deepest part at the point I fell off was 28".