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    Hello everyone,

    A couple of years ago I purchased a Torker Unistar LX Pro Unicycle 20 wheel with Standard Frame. Due to my lack of practice I have yet to idle properly or ride backwards... Aside from my lack of motivation I adore my UNI and hope to progress in the near future.

    I basically ride around the parking lot where we live, do figure 8s, and stop after my legs get tired..

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    Try jumping. Learned to do that months before idling or good one footed. Just keep trying.
    ... and nipples, never forget the nipples.


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      Yes Thank you! Hopping is a little intimidating to me but will consider it part of my routine from now on. Also, A few months ago I was asked by a friend (non-uni rider) why do you always start off a wall and not idle starts.. Surprisingly Although not consistent with my idle starts this new move helped me tremendously but yet no where near smooth or consistent as I'd like to be...

      I am interested in a training partner (fountain valley) otherwise I will create a progress thread for motivation or try one the games...
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