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  • :) Hello from a newbie

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to unicycling but can do a decent amount of things. I ride a Nimbus 19" trials and I'm hoping to get better through people giving tips and practice. practice and more practice.

    I'm off to the JUST record attempt this weekend in Middlesborough. Hoping to do at least 10k and have been working up my distances recently on the local lanes and tracks.

    Trying to get into the trials stuff and watching the stuff on Youtube for inspiration.

    If anyone knows of any clubs or outfits around the North Manchester, UK area I'd appreciate any details.

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    Hi Hazzman,

    Welcome aboard. I'm a newbie too, also based in Manchester, UK.

    I've only just started and my best to date is around 30m. I find it incredibly hard work and struggle to understand how experienced Unibods can go for hundreds of miles and not even flinch.

    Currently reading "How to ride your Unicycle" by Charlie Dancey and it has the following entries;

    1934 - Walter Nilsson crossed the USA on a Uni
    1976 - Wally Watts rode around the world (got back home in '78)
    1994 - Ashrita Furman rode backwards for 53 miles.

    Makes my 30m look like a bag of something brown and smelly, but I'm getting a lot out of my bruises and it beats walking boots and bikes.

    Also at the JUST do so may see you there.

    May the force be with you.
    You only fail when you stop trying.


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      Hi Hazzman,,
      Welcome to THE unicycling community!

      Originally posted by Num9ty View Post
      ...Makes my 30m look like a bag of something brown and smelly...
      You can also cross the us by unicycle, only in 30m intervals... seriously, It is reasonable to assume that, if you will be consistent with your practice - your 30m will become 300m... 3km... 30km...
      With a lot of new skill or trick you learn, there is a point that distance is no longer the most important factor, and you find yourself searching for the next challenge - and there is a lot of them
      Be happy and proud with your 30m - most people won't do half of it...

      Good luck and have fun,
      Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive
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        That's great! Keep it up. The defining characteristic of a unicyclist is their patience and determination. Just keep practicing and you'll be there

        Youtube was my source of energy for unicycling... whenever I watch one of Terry's videos, it makes me want to go out for a ride.
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          Hewo everyone. What is JUST? Is there a link? I can't find anything about it...


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            Hi to all noobs and welcome
            aarons here's a link to JUST.



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              Originally posted by Alucard View Post
              Hi to all noobs and welcome
              aarons here's a link to JUST.

              :S Of course. I forgot they were called just.