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Hello to those from the BBC News Website!

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  • Hello to those from the BBC News Website!

    As the BBC has recently posted a video on its website (which currently is at #11 most watched) about unicycling (Hugo Duguay to be exact) where was specifically mentioned, I'd suggest we may see an influx of visitors from there today.

    So to all that have arrived here from the BBC news website - Hello!
    "Ride It Baby!"

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    Yes, welcome to anyone who came here from that coverage. Way to go Hugo! Nice job. Not just good coverage for the sport, but great information about unicycling as well.

    Not that anyone reading that article would care, but unicycling didn't actually originate in the circus. Circus and vaudeville, or variety arts performers were the ones that showcased the unicycle to vast numbers of people, but before that, unicycles were first ridden by hardcore bicyclists. They would show their skills at bike clubs, possibly make some purpose-built unicycles, etc. But that was probably small publicity. We're all familiar with the small publicity of unicycling!
    John Foss

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      Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
      but unicycling didn't actually originate in the circus
      Sure, sure, and I bet you're going to claim that juggling was first practiced by hardcore clowns at the local saloon, showing off after their work in the big top.
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        Well, i think to remember an article about the first pictures of jugglers and if my memory serves me right there are some antic greek portraits of people juggling.
        Hard core greeks obviously.


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          Byc: Not true actually, the first relic has been found in the tomb of Beni-Hassan in Egypt. It was a wall painting from 2000 BC. But Greeks dedicated juggling too, so you're partly right
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            very good. i really like it!
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