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Hello from NJ.

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  • Hello from NJ.

    Hello, just found this forum today while searching the web, seem like a very nice place! full of info, and its good to be around other unicyclists.

    So I guess i should introduce myself,

    I live in NJ, I started unicycling about 5 years ago, my dad found a unicycle in the garbage, took it home and gave it to me Lol Took me aout 4 days to really get the hang of it, but when I did, I went everwhere with it. It lasted me about 8 months untill the petals broke off, so then I "upgraded" to an off brand "sun" unicycle, which I still use today. But I got a job babysitting this summer JUST so I can afford either a nimbus 26" oracle, or a kris holmes 24" muni.( A thread about that will be coming up shortly Lol)

    I started off mainly doing trials, nothing serious, mainly just cruising around, but my family and I like to go to the local parks around me, and i'll take my uni along, and now I focus mainly on trails, no mountains or rough terrain near me, but i enjoy trail riding.

    My current unicycle is at the end of it's rope, both bearings are cracked in half, it still rolls, but theres a clicking sound Lol

    So hopefully by theend of this summer I can afford a better Muni, geared more for trail riding then trials.

    So, sorry for the long post, I look forward to chatting with you all!

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    Jake, where in NJ are you? The NY Unicycle Club meets every other week at Grant's Tomb in Manhattan. It's a wonderful group of people and you'll have the opportunity to meet lots of other riders from the area, including NJ. I personally don't make it there much more than twice a year.

    I'm in Matawan which is South/Central Jersey depending on your point of view. (South if you're from the North and Central if you're from the South). I don't do any muni to speak of but mostly ride on the streets of my neighborhood.

    And if you have something sturdy by this coming Saturday, June 2nd, we are having our annual ride across the length of Long Beach Island, NJ. See the links on my signature below for details.
    Raphael Lasar

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      Hey Jake95 Welcome to the forum

      There is loads of really good 'stuff' on here and lots of friendly folk.
      There are quite a few discussions about 24'' and 26'' uni's, muni's and what people like. Also many wonderful pictures of people's set ups.
      Go and have look in the 'search' section, that's a great place to start. Enjoy