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Feisty's Progress and a hello

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  • Feisty's Progress and a hello

    Hi All

    I have been lurking and reading the forum front to back for a while now as I built up my first Uni and have started the fun (and painful) journey of learning to ride I though I would start a diary of my progress!

    First up a big thanks in advance for all the information, riding tips that you guys have posted over the years as it has been a real wealth of information. Also thanks to Unigeezer for showing my Mrs and Mum that via his videos that Unicycling is more than just red noses and juggling balls (I asume that all Unicyclists ages start to reverse and we all regain 20 years of our youth?)

    I am 34 this year and have been wanting to ride a Uni for years, more so after I saw a Muni video on the mtbr forum a few years back. For me MUni seems like my natural evoloutionary route as I went from Freeride MTB, to a single speed and added a fixie road bike so a direct drive single wheeled mtb seems perfect!

    I have been riding a single speed for years and was doing 30 - 40 mile off road rides without much bother so the harder challenge of Muni is very appealing.

    Not being one to do things by halves I built a MUni around a KH 24" on a Nimbus rim (saving for a Ti hub and a Large Marge at some point) and an HS33 and all the normal bits and bobs.

    My friends and family think I am mad, my 3.5 year old thinks it is awesome lol


    Spent 30min - 45min sitting on it and playing in th doorway between the front room and kitchen, initially it felt really wierd but being mindful to put all my weight in the sat etc I was soon feeling comfortable

    After hopping about a bit I tried to forget what I was doing and watch TV, I soon found I was hardly holding on to the door frame wih one hand and was starting to idle roling back and forth a quater of a rotation.

    So I though lets try moving a bit and steadying myself with my left hand on the hall wall I set off and got about 3 ish revoloutions down it before running out of room I hoped around 180 suporting myself on the wall (hopping about clasping the seat with your knees seems very natural but I can track stand a bike almost indefinately and hope up stairs etc) and set off back to the door frame, then the fun started I had spent the whole time with my dominant right foot forward and now I was starting left foot forward, I managed to catch myself but it was enought to have my daughter in stitches.

    After regaining my composure I idled holding on in the door frame left foot forward to get used to that, after a bit I needed to sort the kids out so went for a go for broke and rode off hands free into the kitchen for a solid single rev before I had a ntuupd (not to unexspected unplaned dismount)

    So far I am happy, it is fun and a bit silly and whilst bloody hard 30 years of riding a bike seems to be helping. I am taking Thursday and Friday off work for dedicated paractice sessions and then also have the weekend.


    And finaly no thread is complete without a picture
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    Hello & welcome. Keep practicing, you're on your way. Nice starter Uni.
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    Always remember: With patience and perseverance you can piss a hole through a rock.


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      There was some scope creep

      20" feestyle Nimus on sale
      24" Muni
      24" KH


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        Well done you. Sounds like you're gonna get 'it' in no time.
        What is a scope creep?
        Lurve your muni!, ( it was okay to type that, my muni is in the other room, so can't read the computer screen.. )

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          Sorry get that from work, it means the original plan got bigger and bigger!

          Me being me I just bought what I wanted from the start as I always just end up replacing things I just bought with what I really wanted lol


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            ah, now I understand the rest of your thread.
            I thought you were listing your other 3 uni's.
            I was thinking' wow you're keen', mind you ......
            you Can never have too many uni's.



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              lol I would like 19 trials Uni at some point, my stumpy legs would struggle with anything bigger than the 24"


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                Hello Feisty!
                Welcome aboard!

                Sounds like you are off to a GRAND start!
                And a FINE looking uni you have too!


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                  Thanks I enjoyed reading your old thread from when you first started.

                  I have to say the diversity of age and camaraderie shown in this forum and sport is fantastic, the mtbr forum was a bit them and us, suspension hates, rigid, geared hates single speed, 26er hates 29er etc

                  None of that here at all!

                  It is a shame that most of you lot are in the States but then I suppose you are such a vast country that it is not like you are all around the corner from each other anyway.

                  Decided I am getting too brave riding indoors and just dabbing the all then trying a few revs hands free so will wait till my day off tomorrow to ride outside with more room, although I will need a coat as it is raining here but I am used to that in this country!

                  I have to say having the brake helps mounting and getting positioned as a beginner, although I have been tinkering with free mounting as well but one thing at a time I suppose

                  Roll on tomorrow!!


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                    Hi Fiesty,

                    You are RIGHT! This forum is made up of a whole lot of really helpful, considerate people!
                    Unicyclists are NICE PEOPLE!

                    You are also correct, we don't all live right next door to each other. There is nobody near where I live at all. I'm trying to get a friend to learn, but she is really, really busy right now.

                    I wonder if you live anywhere near Alucard?
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                      Feisty. Using brake to freemount... gee I never thought of that! Actually, thinking about it, I don't think I'd ever let go of the brake in time and I'd end up with no teeth.

                      57Unirider. I've just looked it up on the map and Feisty lives about 300 miles from me.

                      ps ,just re read your post Feisty, you use the brake to keep the uni still while you get on it, that's a good idea. There are plenty of helful posts about freemounting etc, in the forums and more getting added all the time. Go and have a gander, but I warn'll get carried away and be there for hours lol I know I do.



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                        just re read your post Feisty, you use the brake to keep the uni still while you get on it, that's a good idea
                        But only until he is starting to freemount. Breaking makes it impossible to balance when mounting.


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                          DOH! How thick am I?

                          Why did I think I would be able to hold the wheel stationary yet still move the frame?????
                          I am going away now to hang my head in shame, I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a unicycle.


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                            Oh I will be free mounting properly I can assure you it is just helpful to use to position your feet etc when starting out

                            Even with the brake on your balance point should be the same rather than the Uni rolling out from under you you would just tip over. I just get on hop a little and get my feet in place get my weight on my butt whilst balance and let off the brake slowly and go into an assisted idle resting a hand on the wall.

                            Really it is no different from a wheel grab when mounting accept you are in the correct posture and position.

                            To me a jump mount seems the ticket I can stand bum off seat on the Uni and balance well even tried moving it in front of me to do some hoping (getting carried away again, I might have to learn to ride forward at some point lol), oh and it looks ace

                            If you have a brake give it a try if nothing else it is something else to learn

                            As for today I managed to put some lovely tyre marks on the floor where I am riding up and down the hall on the wooden floor I can ride consistently with light touches on the wall now and again and I feel like I just want to go forward and do it faster (A controlled fast feeling not a panic out of control way). I ride down the hall then into the kitchen where I can almost do 2 revs no handed before I either jump off or crash into the sink!

                            Tomorrow is outside day YAY will be very interesting, 2 days off work just to learn to ride a Uni

                            I will update you all tomorrow evening how it went, I may get the misses to grab some pictures of the inevitable arm flailing and UPDs'


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                              Lucky you. Two days. Enjoy!