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    Day 2

    Well I am shattered, after about two hours riding in two sessions

    I had to raise my saddle an inch and that helped keep the weight on the saddle but had to put a longer bit of hose on the Magura brake as it was a bit short. The anodising on KH saddle is pathetically thin so I have a mark from the initial seat height, I have to say I think I could probably lick it off !!

    First had a session in the back garden but that was a bit small and the path was very slippy so took an awesome UPD, was a bit of a shock as my body hasn't moved on it's own that fast and hit the ground that hard for years

    Out the front of my house there is a long stretch of path (about 80 yards or so) with a tall railing fence (not ideal) but is was fantastic to have some room to go for it.

    Going up and sown dabbing my hand was fine although being a fence I am constantly aiming for a railing so not to put my arm through it which was stealing my concentration.

    Constant chanting weight on the seat weight on the seat helped settle the Uni and keeping my arms up and out helped balance, I did find I was riding to stall point to stall point so tried to stay smooth and spin circles.

    It got to the point I could dab my hand every two revolutions and after a bit I got a few 3 and 4 revolutions, in a way this seemed easier as you a balancing not leaning in towards the fence and you can flail both arms as well.

    I managed to get a fantastic 6 revolutions without touching and a planned dismount which I was stoked about.

    The faster I went (within reason) the easier it was.

    Dead chuffed with no more than 3 hours in the saddle I have exceeded my expectations, whilst I was positive I would be able to ride from the start and am an all or nothing kind of guy I didn't expect to take to it so well.

    Oh and I had a missing a wheel comment with 5 minutes of leaving my house!

    Hopefully tomorrow and the weekend will be just as fruitful but I am shattered to the max

    thanks as ever for all the advice and tips these have been what has made my progress possible
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      Hi Feisty!

      Nice Muni you got there, and nice progress in learning to ride it.

      When my girlfriend and i started learning we did many hours of "assisted riding" (one riding, one walking by your side, barely holding your hand).
      I soon discovered that i was better at riding when there was no support nearby. I mean, trying to mount and ride the bike without any possible support was more successfull than when trying to do the same near a wall or fence. As soon as there was something to lean on within reach i tended to use it, if there wasn't anything i was forced to keep balance on my own and most of the times managed to do so.


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        Originally posted by Feisty View Post
        ...thanks as ever for all the advice and tips these have been what has made my progress possible
        THAT is what is so wonderful about the forum!
        Everybody helps everybody!

        Keep coming back!
        Soon you will be making helpful comments for someone else!

        Way to go Feisty!