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help would be helpful :-p

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  • help would be helpful :-p

    Hey, im new to the site and new to unicycling. Just looking for advice on what to get for a first time recreational practice uni. Im 6'4" and 150 lbs if either of those matter much. Dunno if i need a big frame or a big wheel. Any advice is much appreciated.

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    most people start with a cheep 20 or 24, at your height I would go with a 24.

    If you like riding and would like to get into any of the disciplines (offroad, trials, distance, freestyle, etc) then you can spend a bit of money on something that will work especially well for your style, but to start almost anything works.
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      Originally posted by Hardboiledtoast View Post
      help would be helpful
      God helps those who help themselves...

      Ask and ye shall find...

      In modern terminology: use the search function and you will see that advice has been given on this topic many, many times before!
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