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    Originally posted by xamana View Post
    I am still learning all the lingo of Unicycling, just found out what Muni is today --
    That's an important one if you live around Lake Tahoe. All the best riding is MUni! But don't rush it. I just passed up the opportunity to ride a century around the lake last weekend--my first attempt ever--but the weather forecast was foreboding. I've switched to a Sept. 11 ride being organized by the same outfit. No, I don't recommend that for you, but you could set as a goal to ride a piece of it.

    For crotch comfort, nothing beats a decent pair of bike shorts. If you don't like the way they look, wear them under a pair of regular shorts and no one will know. But that padded crotch is always the best starting point for unicycling comfort. Then make sure your seat is high enough, which is a common mistake for new riders. But then again you're not a new rider you're a returning one.

    For riding on pavement, the basic setting is to put your heel on the bottom pedal, and your knee should be almost all the way straight. But ride with the balls of your feet on the pedals.

    I occasionally organize rides in the greater Sacramento area, sometimes as far up as Tahoe in the summer, and have an email list for when I've got something going you're welcome to join by sending me an email (address below). Also I'm probably organizing the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend this year (can't get anyone else to do it this time ), so that might be interesting to you by this fall. If only as a chance to meet some more of us forum peoples.

    Get out and have a great time! Don't overdo it, but don't give up.
    John Foss

    "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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      John, thanks for the suggestions, I will look for the cycliing shorts soon, I think I could go a mile now, but probably would be in agony lol
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        Hello xamana,
        Like others have said, sounds like a familiar story. I was 12 when I started riding my brothers chromed Schwinn and rode it till I was 17. Used to ride around the block repeatedly and even road in a parade once. Great memories. One day the crank gave out and the poor uni was cast aside like so many of our old toys.
        Like you, I have wanted another for 40 years. Mine won't be arriving till Friday but I'm anticipating the same results you achieved. I'm gonna glide up one my new companion and ride away. I have no doubt about that at all. Confidence-perhaps...but more a sense of belonging up there. Free to express myself, once again, on my favorite form of transport-a unicycle.
        Like you, I road the streets. Now I want more. I'm hitting the trails (slowly at first and a little sore in the saddle, perhaps) but my heart will race again with the joy that I always felt when I had a uni underneath me.
        And to all you other uni enthusiasts, thank you. Thank you for support, your feedback and encouragement. I can not wait to get back in the saddle again.


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          Originally posted by Tincher Teach View Post
          ... my heart will race again with the joy that I always felt when I had a uni underneath me. ...
          Well said. That articulates perfectly what I feel every time I get on my uni. I'm sure tomorrow won't come soon enough for you, awaiting the delivery of a big box with a piece of uni heaven inside. Just curious, where did you order your Nimbus Oregon from?
          "The price of unicycling freedom is eternal pedaling." --Thomas Jefferson

          "The only thing unicyclists have to fear is fear itself." --Franklin Roosevelt


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            Hello Darth,

            Purchased my Oregon from

            With the exception of a train blocking the UPS train on its way to town, the delivery was very quick. Customer service is very personable and very accommodating. I have purchase quite a few things from them recently.