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Ottawa Velo Fest 2011?

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  • Ottawa Velo Fest 2011?

    Any of the Ottawa cyclists involved? The posters & website say unicycles under the demonstrations section... Is this where the last remnants of OUI have gone?

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    Wow, reminds me of the International Cycling Festival (Festival International du Bicyclette) I attended in Hull in 1985 and 88. They had uni basketball tournaments and fun uni shows. In the 1988 edition they even had some cash prizes for racing and the basketball winners! One of the first known (to me) MUni-ish races was held there. An urban course around some government buildings in downtown Hull.

    That was a very big event, with every type of cycling. There were road races, BMX, MTB racing, HPV racing, expo, and even live music and slow motion (live) instant replay in the basketball games, which included a lot of excellent Canadian riders, plus guys from the Puerto Rico and Semcycle teams.

    I guess you could contact the organizers to find out who the scheduled unicycle people are, and get connected with them.
    John Foss

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