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Nitro Circus Live in Wellington Highlights Video!

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  • Nitro Circus Live in Wellington Highlights Video!

    Hey peps!
    I went to Nitro Circus Live in my home town and heres all the best footage!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Nitro Circus Live Welington Highlights[/ame]

    The wheel chair back and front flips are from 8:30 onwards.
    Insanely fun night

    -Clean Swabs

    "The only way to becoming a great unicyclist is to get back up and do it again" - B.S.

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    Wow! I would pay to see that. Too bad unicycles can't seem to fit into a presentation like that.

    Oh, and I think that Big Butts dancer was at Unicon, too!
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    John Foss

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