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I want to visit Colorado but need some help....

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  • I want to visit Colorado but need some help....

    Is there anybody who could give me some advice about where to visit?
    I want to spend 2 weeks riding, along with my wife on a MTB (I just can't convert her to one wheel!!), somewhere in Colorado.

    Ideally a rough plan would be to fly to Denver then pick up a car and visit a few places for a few days at at time, being based in several areas should allow some good riding exploring the areas. I'd rather be riding then driving so maybe a limit of about 1500 miles over the 2 weeks would be about right. If Denver is not the place to start please say so....I have no idea what I'm talking about!!

    My problem is that here in the UK the only info is from 'mainstream' type holiday brochures or just a few tour books. I know the web has everything on it but what I'm hoping for is someone with some local knowledge to give me some names of areas/parks/towns etc that I can research. Aspen is about the only place I know I'd like to visit (also Moab in Utah - is that way to far?).

    I would be coming the last week in July - again any real local opinion about the weather etc would be good.

    So basically any help would be appreciated.


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    Crested Butte



    Steamboat Springs
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      crested butte



      steamboat springs