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133 days to Unicon!Time to announce the Unofficial Competitions

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  • 133 days to Unicon!Time to announce the Unofficial Competitions

    This will be my first Unicon and I'm soooooo excited about the competition races and i have to admit even more excited by the unofficial competitions I'm expecting.I am a huge fan of Rhezinas shirtless male unicyclist thread (followed purely for artistic purposes of course) and hope that there will be a live competition held during unicon( I offer myself as one of the judges). I dont think there should be any discrimination so girls can enter this as well. For the more shy I am thinking a wet t-shirt unicyclist comp that men and woman can enter. There could also be a men/women in bike shorts comp.

    Then I am thinking surely there has to be a range of drinking/eating unicyclist awards.for instance person with the shortest time between throwing up and then competing in a race; person able to skull 2 glasses of red wine and ride their uni in circles the most number of times in 1 minute sure you get the picture.

    I would also love to see a wacky races ANYTHING GOES Unicycle race.Or how about a treasure hunt around Wellington (to be designed by one of the locals) with only unis to be used as transport.

    There will be a unicycle parade and i will be in costume for about a best costume worn by a unicyclist at the parade award?

    As the creator of the most annoying unicyclist thread I will be offering a trophy and prize of chocolate( cos chocolate makes everything okay) to the winner of this comp. It will be expected that the trophy be passed on to the winner at the next unicon however the chocolate can be eaten( immediately or melted and licked off your best friend at

    i hope that this will be the start of a great tradition for the unofficial comps at unicon and that other people will volunteer to provide trophies/prizes for other unofficial comps and volunteer to be judges( i think the two should go hand in hand)

    So what does everyone think? what unofficial comps should there be? we can decide this and the rules( or lack thereof) on this thread. I am looking forward to hearing everyones ideas and comments.
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    I think you can get these added to the schedule by presenting themin the workshop schedule. That's how these fun non-workshop events have often been organized in the past. That way you can post the rules you've made up, recruit volunteers, get a time set aside, etc.

    For events that might not be real popular with the organizers, it might be necessary to take the group off-venue to keep everyone happy. And don't tell anyone I suggested that.
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      Um Im not sure which events you think they may object to (note to self; postpone announcement of best photo of level 11 skills ) but thank you for your wonderful off venue advice.
      You can call me Unibunny