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Buying and driving a car in america

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    Might you consider going via train?


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      Originally posted by siafirede View Post
      I am not sure about buying, but as far as renting goes...Most places will rent to you if you are 21+, but if you are under 25 they charge you twice as much on the flat rate per day. Example cost would be something like...
      $27 a day + an extra $27 (under 25 fee), $10+ insurance per day, and then if you want to insure both drivers it will be an extra fee AND on top of that extra fee another fee if the other drive is also under 25.

      So, even if just one person is allowed to drive it will be at least 60 bucks per day (and that would be a round trip fee, one way would be more).

      Buying would probably be cheaper in the long run if you are going to be gone for a month, I used my own vehicle when I drove across the States a few years ago and it was absolutely a blast. Bring a tent that will comfortably fit you and your friend and you can just camp every night like my friend and I did.

      I highly suggest going through Colorado and Utah as they were the best part of the trip. You are free to crash at my place and can go riding with me out in the Rocky Mountains if you want.

      Places I highly recommend visiting/hiking/camping: Great Sand Dunes National Park, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon National Park, Yosemite, Sequoya NP, Yellowstone, Moab (Arches, Canyonlands).

      Cities worth checking out: DC, Chicago, NYC (I don't really like NYC, but tourists all go crazy over it), San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver of course.

      Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want any more info, and as you get closer to your trip I can shoot you my contact info if you want a place to crash for a few days in Colorado.
      I had forgotten I had started this topic.

      Cheers mate. I appreciate the offer and might take you up on it if we swing near your way.
      Thanks for the advice, I will suggest going through Utah and Colorado to my friend. I think he will want to though. We both want to see as much of the country as possible.

      The reason we want to buy our own car is so we don't have to worry if we bump it or if we decide to do any 'modifications'. I think it'll also work out cheaper or almost the same as renting.


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        Originally posted by GILD View Post
        Their TV ads are all in this vein.
        I knew it was only a matter of time until adverts came intravenously.

        Now to work on my needle-proof suit...
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