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    A legend of sci fi classics

    His death was very logical. Running down the stairs carrying scissors, hoping to escape a ravenous pack of "big bang theory" devotees. (difficult for 83 year old cult icons even on good days) he tripped and fell.
    Now I know what you are thinking, Spock wouldn't run with scissors, that's just not logical.

    But here is where the plot thickens. The pack of big bang show fans had him cornered in a game of "rock. paper. scissors. lizard Spock". when Spock's lizard ran away. So running down the stairs with scissors was understandable, and it wasn't even the scissors that got him.

    When he tripped his ear hit the hand rail and pierced his skull. The classic Vulcan Achilles's ear.

    Shatner gave the eulogy, leading a toast that on this special occasion, he was wishing his glass of Jim Beam was Scotch.