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Does anyone here understand Farsi ?

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  • Does anyone here understand Farsi ?

    I think she's saying, " I voted for you one time, " and he's saying, "no, we counted two" !
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    It's a Photoshop job.

    Original pic here:
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      Originally posted by maestro8 View Post
      it's a poor photoshop job.

      Original pic here:
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        Originally posted by feel the light View Post
        ...and he's saying, "no, we counted two" !
        No, he's saying That's four! We counted the fingers that weren't raised (or photoshopped).
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          Farsi is one of the coolest sounding languages.

          Just gonna put that out there.

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            Having never used photo shop, I will play expert anyway

            Just trying to entertain myself here.

            At first, I could see a lot of plausibility to the idea that she was much further in front of the car than the picture looks, as many of these riot photos are taken with a long lens . These types of pictures can make things look closer together than they really were.

            The first thing I look for is shadow alignment. In this picture the sun is at the right, 2 O'clock.

            I kinda assumed the reflection on the car's chrome trim was her hand. If true, that blows my telephoto lens theory that this is plausible if she was 50' in front of the car, as the hand reflection should not be there. I also think it odd that a camera close enough to see the hand on the hood trim was not confiscated.

            On further reflection on the reflection, the "hand " on the chrome is not aligned with the 2 O'clock sun, and may just not be her hand.

            To me it is not a certain fake, given the reality that a shot like this is most likely going to get to us through a far lens. She may have colluded with the camera guy and just jumped out in a flash and ran back as fast.

            So far, the real photo shop guys aren't hopping on this one. They have their ways to expose fakes, beyond my doubting the shadows technique.


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              Look at the shadow of her bag strap

              See how this shadow is to the left. So the chrome reflection can not be her hand.


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                Here is a link to the original image. maestro8 tried to post the picture but he's such a noob that he did it incorrectly.

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                  Thanks JC

                  So you think they photo shopped a hand onto an otherwise "true" picture ?

                  Knowing you John, I would bet you are right.