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Possibly the best commercial on TV ever

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  • Possibly the best commercial on TV ever

    J&R Music World's air guitar w/guitar [ame=]commercial[/ame].
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    How can you possibly make such a rash statement when there are classics such as this out there...


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      crazy brits... ^

      All hail the exhaulted Sigpoose, for he is forever king...
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        I believe the follow-up commercial (I want to take a sh*t at Sean's) never aired for some reason.


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          i freakin love this one for some reason....

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            best one ever in my opinion

            if you know green day, you know how complicated the video is.

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              Originally posted by Phil_on_uni View Post
              i freakin love this one for some reason....
              Where's the button for this?
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                First one is best, imo.
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                  First one was fun to watch, but mostly says to me J&R Music World isn't getting any business. Neither is anyone else these days...

                  I guess I watched a lot of TV growing up. None of those are even close to being contenders. Any more?
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                    In my mind, nothing will ever beat the "I've fallen and I can't get up" lady.

                    But maybe I'm just twisted and overly nostalgic.


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                      Originally posted by Into the blue View Post
                      How can you possibly make such a rash statement when there are classics such as this out there...
                      Hahahahahaha, I didn't know they had it in english!
                      Hahaha awesome!
                      Here, at my home, we always joke about this commercial because, on the brazillian version, the boy says "Me, eu quero fazer coc na casa do Pedrinho!" that means "Mom, I want to poo at Pedrinho's house!" and what is funny is that my dad's name is Pedro and we call him Pedrinho - for some unknown reason - and, therefore, we always joke about people coming over here to poo.
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                        I saw this ad earlier.

                        [ame=""]YouTube - Oasis 'rubberduckzilla'[/ame]
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                          The Oacis commercial Fraggle posted is the best one so far.
                          I have my moments...


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                            a few of my favorites

                            [ame=""]YouTube - Everything you touch turns into Skittles[/ame]
                            [ame=""]YouTube - Jack in the Box - Mini Sirloin Burgers[/ame]


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                              OMG! The end of that Oasis commercial makes me wish I were a giant rubber ducky. I have such a weakness for Asian girls!!

                              One of my all time favs...

                              [ame=""]YouTube - Burger King - Chicken Fries Commercial[/ame]
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