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newer to unicycling questions?

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  • newer to unicycling questions?

    I am newer into unicycling, I can ride my 24 inch pretty well. I am wanting to try some stunt riding and Muni. what is a isis hub and why is it special? Has anybody heard of a mongoose squid unicycle? and is that one good for stunts or Muni?

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    If you've got unicycling-related questions, you're better off posting in Rec.Sport.Unicycling.

    "Just Conversation" is intended for non-unicycling discussion.

    It is quite likely that your questions have already been answered in Rec.Sport.Unicycling. Try using the search feature with keywords such as "ISIS" or "Mongoose" and there's a good chance you'll find your answers.

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck!
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