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School shooting in Finland AGAIN!!!

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  • School shooting in Finland AGAIN!!!

    Three hours ago 20 yers old man started shooting in service working school in Kauhava. Three peoples are surely dead, but Im sure that they are not only ones, scary thing is that no survivors are brought to hospiltal. I dont know how many have injured, but my internet friend said that there is more than couple of them.
    That guy probably tried burn the school, but firefighters managed to extinguish a fire. Shooter is captured and he is going to hospital.

    Shooter has made couple videos about his gun and posted them to youtube, now you can google Wumpscut86, if you want see thoes videos.

    He copyed everything from the Auvinen who made massagre in Jokela, less than year ago.

    (and Auvinen copyed his massagre from that US school shooter)

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    Im sorry, about wrong information: There is nine victims, couple survivors have been brought to hospital and the shooter didnt set that fire.


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      So sorry to hear about this tragedy. For some reason I thought it only happened in the U.S.


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        This is so tragic. My sympathy goes out to all those affected.

        Why do people do things like this?
        If Jackie was a girl, I thinkd id date her.

        If my government ever decides to blow me up, I hope they will choose to do it in a humane way also.





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            Originally posted by Goats_On_Unicycles
            Why do people do things like this?
            Usually it has a lot to do with a chemical imbalance, and a person who may not have any/many friends to notice when they're going further and further off-center.
            John Foss

            "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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              Originally posted by uni57
              For some reason I thought it only happened in the U.S.
              Believe it or not, the laws of physics (esp. ballistics) apply equally to all countries!
              "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." - Bertrand Russell


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                Happens everywhere in the world, and has actually been happening long before columbine, contrary to popular belief.


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                  Bowling for Columbine


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                    and this, people, is generation X...
                    You know it.