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What a unicyclist 'looks like'

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    well, one day when i picked up jerrick and mike to unicycle, we all got out of the car only to realize that we were all wearing black tshirts and cut off jeans with our shin guards.... it was all scifi and such
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      Based on my observations at unicon.

      we have flat soled shoes or boots, worn with or with out socks to suit. we have bruised or scarred legs and or scraped knees. We wear cycle shorts or maybe baggy shorts. we wear knee pads or other leg protection at times. we wear a range of T shirts, many of which have unicycles on. We like to wear T shirts from countries we are not from. Young male unicyclists however have a tendency to remove items of clothing at every opportunity, revealing bodies that are surprisingly well muscled.

      we have hair or not on our heads depending on age and ancestory. hats ditto.
      We look grimly determined while racing , jumping or playing games. We smile a lot more when relaxed.
      skin tones range from dark to pale , hair ditto.
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        I just rock what I feel like wearing. It's normaly relaxed fit jeans, a regular t-shirt, and indoor soccer shoes. If I'm wearing shorts, I wear resonably fit cargo shorts at a decent height (Not my knees). At times I were a Quiksilver hoody that has the cuffs cut off. Just an avage joe look, not to flashy, not looking like a hobo (No offence Chuck).

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          Apparently unicyclist look goofy looking because my friend said that I looked like somone that would unicycle and then said I look goofy. It might just be me though.
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            Originally posted by harper

            All REAL unicyclists have pedal rakes on their shins.
            You're welcome.