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Who's in Tokyo in Oct?

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  • Who's in Tokyo in Oct?

    Are there unicyclists in Tokyo?

    Also, anyone knows where to buy unicycles there and price?
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    O man you are totally asking at the right time, but seriously good luck finding people, I will do what I can though to pass you along to some people. I spent 9 days there desperately trying to find unicyclists and I only found one little girl that was probably about 7 years old in a park who I taught how to ride.

    Email me at nta ppi n@gma il. com, and I will pass along some emails I have picked up since then and hopefully I can help you out.

    Also there is a Miyata head office there where you can buy unicycles, its not a pretty shop (it is more like an office/warehouse) but they have everything Miyata, and some of the prices aren't bad. It is ridiculously hard to find though, but hopefully I can help with that too.