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Unicyclist at SUNY Stony Brook

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  • Unicyclist at SUNY Stony Brook

    So today I was riding around my campus and i heard from a variety of different sources that there was somebody else riding around on a unicycle. At first I thought that they just saw me passing by on a different unicycle but most people said it was during times when i was either in my dorm room or in class. Well i thought I was the only active unicyclist on campus so naturally i began an investigation to try to find this person however nothing has worked so far. It would be really cool to have someone else to ride with, and hopefully posting something here will aid in my search.

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    Actually I think there are two unicyclists at Stony Brook, but you'll have to wait for ChexJC to really find out.
    As I'm pretty sure he's one of them.
    Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.