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    6 pm

    I have the unicycles up!!
    This will have to continue tomorrow. What a job... Thanks for your encouragement. I will have stronger coffee tomorrow morning.
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      Oh my. Is that...10 i see?! nice collection!
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        looking good
        I didn't spell it wrong, you just read it wrong!


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          Originally posted by maestro8
          Have you considered bicycle hooks for the wheeled thingies? Screw 'em into the rafters and you're set! (Mine only cost $0.99 each)

          I have a tight one-car garage, but with said hangers I'm able to keep three bikes and three unicycles as well as my car in storage with ease.
          Are you hanging the car with 2 or 4 screw in hooks?
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            Even in the first pictures, it looked better than our garage ...

            We're a family of pack rats; we have some 50 years worth of stuff packed into a 3.5car garage thats only 16 years old...
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              I wish my garage looked as good as yours started as, nevermind the after. haha.

              The thought of cleaning my garage makes me curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb.
              Unicycling is easier than falling off a log. So long as falling off is the goal.