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Unicyclists in San Antonio, Texas????

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  • Unicyclists in San Antonio, Texas????

    Hey, I just moved to San Antonio, Texas and was wondering if there were any unicyclists around town?
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    No but if you come up to dallas I can show you MANY great unicycling spots. But it is 4 hours out of the way. Sorry
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      Doesn't Scott Wallis live in San Antonio? I think his username is swallis here.
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        Sadly I haven't been able to ride recently due to medical issues but before I moved to San Antonio, I lived in Austin and there is a wonderful unicycle club there. You might contact them (Austin One Wheelers Unicycle Club) to find out if there are clubs or riders here.
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          lol, rinkie... the original poster of this tread has not logged in in 1 1/2 years... but there are several riders from that area that I know of... i'm sure i don't know of all of them.
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            yes. there are riders in san antonio. i suggest joining the austin email list and then post a message about yourself. there are at least some riders in san antonio on our email list that might respond.
            join our email list here:
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              I'll be in San Antonio soon. Will try to see about others interested in riding. I see the San Antonio Unicyclists on Facebook. Are they a regular organization or just random meet-ups?
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                Hello SA!

                This is a very old thread, but I'm in SA and just learned in June. I like to ride urban areas like The Pearl and the downtown Riverwalk. I still can't static or free mount, but I can get around fine. Skills are slowly getting better but I could use some live pointers.