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Weet Bix, how many do you do?

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  • Weet Bix, how many do you do?

    7 for me.

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    I do 2 with warm milk and cut up dried apricots.
    haha, pretty weak compared to 7 lol!


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      when i do eat weetbix (which is not very often at all) i usually do 5 or 6
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        WTF are weetbix?
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          Aussie super-gewd cereal bar/brick.

          Had some when i stayed in sydney.

          good stuff.
          Not quite as good as Tim Tams though.

          mmmm... i'm hungry now.
          Cheers, Matt.


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            Originally posted by abbabibble
            good stuff.
            Not quite as good as Tim Tams though.

            mmmm... i'm hungry now.

            Tim Tams and Milo, almost as good as Spam and Ice.
            Rest in pieces.


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              I never eat cereal of any kind; used to all the time, but totally cut out ALL cereal more than a year ago and immediately trimmed down! I used to have boxes of cereal all the time in the house and it was just too easy to pour a quick bowl and scarf it down...several times a day out of sheer convenience.

              And it was always good, non-sugar stuff like shredded wheat. Still fattening stuff! But that Weet-Bix sure looks good! I guess if you don't over do it, it's no biggie, but I was clearly PIGGiNG out!
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                i just ate four , but we have small top heavy bowls so we cant put huge amounts in
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                  6 for me
                  I am one weird and unusual Greek Cypriot Australian with a pienormous heart.

                  Can't wait till this game is finally released.


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                    Apparently these Ads were quite famous way back sometime, together with others suggesting that Botham gained his awesome repuitation by virtue of being able to eat THREE shredded wheat... wheats?

                    The dress in which I unicycled was not THAT short, but in retrospect, I think that maybe the blue one would have been more appropriate to the terrain.


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                      No Weetbix here in Washington.
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                        ohh love weet-bix 8 for me


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                          Anything like Weetabix??
                          or even those new Oatbix.
                          4 minimum. Preferably 6 but they need so much milk and I need that for my huuuge cup of tea in the morning. They're good for snackage at work too.
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                            Hey Mattsmith! That's what I eat!

                            I usually have about 10 of those mini ones or 2 big ones. But I prefer the mini ones.

                            And I haven't tried Oatbix yet.
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                              not really a fan of weetbix..
                              i eat fruitybix though... which are really just small bits of weetbix with fruit in them..
                              oO~ LIZZYNESS~Oo