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  • Microflex Vintage camera

    Hey everyone!

    I have been given a microflex camera. It is in good condition, just a little dusty! I have no idea what it's worth but it looks like it would be worth a bit.

    Does anyone know anything about old cameras?

    It belonged to my grandad, so it holds a little sentimental value but I would like to see it go to a good home because I will never use it and it will probably end up sitting in the loft!

    I have put it on ebay, it has 3 people watching it and its only been on for 2 hours!

    Any info about this would be greatly appreciated!

    Rock on!

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    I don't know much about vintage cameras, but yours looks very nice!

    I like old things.
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      It looks cool, an old classic. I don't know who buys film cameras any more, but there is a web site that does, if your camera fits their list of stuff they buy. I think they're called Yup, that's them. They bought my old Olympus OM-4 when I finally retired it, but not most of my lenses and other gear, which is sitting in a pile waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.

      Your camera looks pretty dirty in the picture (lenses). eBay shoppers are going to want to know if it works, and what's the condition, especially inside. Test the mechanism if you can. Short exposure vs. long exposure (you can hear the difference to know if it's working), see if the aperture opens and closes, etc. Without any cleaning or refurbishing, don't expect to get a lot for it, as I think film cameras have lost a lot of their value in recent years. See what other, similar cameras are going for, and compare their described condition.

      Good luck!
      John Foss

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        i'm not sure you can get much for it, i know there are quite a few lying around... my grandad has two that look identical.

        But then again maybe not, ehehe my grandad may just be a rich person without knowing it
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          why not just PM Harper and find out how much he bought it for brand new?