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ipod trouble, help me if you know anything about them

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    The ipod has the ability to act as a USB mass storage device. If it were well designed, one could play media files that have been copied to the ipod without having to use itunes (or any other "computer" software). My lyra allows me to do this. too bad the lyra is otherwise a total piece of garbage!


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      im using a creative zen vision: m (a little bit of a longer name, but its worth it), and so far i havent had any problems.
      your nephews problem was far from uncommon, and all of the above listed steps and troubleshooting that apple suggests, dont work unless you can get a menu screen, which obviously you cant get to, because your stuck on a screen with a unhappy ipod face. (this is what happened to mine) and chances are, there never was any shock/drop, more a gradual accumulation of little shakings.
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        I think to reset it you want to toggle the hold switch, then hold down the menu and select butons for a bit, it should get it working again.
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          Originally posted by squirrel
          I got an RCA Lyra 20gb "ipod" thing on ebay for $30.

          The player works fine, you can just copy songs to it from the computer's usb port and it will find them and add to the playlist, no itunes needed!
          Sounds like my 1Gb Cowon iAUDIO 5 which I love. It acts as a USB mass storage device and makes do with navigating the directory/folder structure without needing a horrible proprietary application to update some kind of proprietary "database".

          The Cowon range of players are one of the few that can play Ogg Vorbis. If you rip your own CDs, you can use that format instead of MP3 to get more songs into the same space; to my ears 112kbs oggs sound just as good as 192kbs MP3s!

          I also like the fact it takes standard AAA batteries, not those proprietary Lions that, when worn out, need to be specially ordered, cost an arm and a leg and usually involve a repairman abducting your player for a short time. If my last battery runs out I can just nip into a shop and buy another.


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            Originally posted by Da Doofus
            chances are, there never was any shock/drop, more a gradual accumulation of little shakings.
            I hadn't thought of that. If the device gets lots of bumping around while playing, this can add up to HD damage. Kind of like the metal fatigue that leads to broken axles or cranks. It's not "how high can I drop...."

            USB mass storage is great if you like organizing your files manually. Most players, including iPod, can do this but in the proprietary ones you can't play the "stored" stuff. Similar with my iPod Photo, where you can't simply upload image files; they have to come in the way it "understands," and generate the right size thumbnail for onscreen viewing.

            Anyway, now it looks like I may be the one getting a new iPod! Mine will go to Jacquie, and her 3rd generation one will go to Austin. Though he should probably have a solid state version (Nano or similar) if his gets banged around more. Ours generally ride around in our cars.
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              Originally posted by treepotato
              try holding down the menu button and the middle button at the same time for a bit and see if that refreshes it , worth a try good luck
              Thanks, that fixed it...I'm not having any trouble with it anymore
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