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The tale of the posessed computer speakers

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  • The tale of the posessed computer speakers

    I sware, my computer speakers have become posessed.

    They're picking up (edit edit: I originally said FM but have changed my mind, I'm picking up foreign language radio now... I'm totally confused.) radio all by themselves- and not just one station, but many stations!! All at once! All reasonably clearly, too (although very quietly - can only be heard when speakers are at near maximum volume)

    It's a dodgy cheap amplified 5.1 system, and it's plugged only into power and my pc.

    Anyone able to shed some light on this? It's got me completely stumped! (It's also got me not wanting to touch anything for fear of stopping the radio, to me this seems a very very odd phenomina!) It's happened before, and I've just played round a bit and it's gone away. But this time I'm more interested in what's going on

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    whoa...thats creepy. pretty cool, too.


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      It's definately working on AM, 882AM to be precise (2pm, just got the news)

      I'm trying to work out the other channel now, I've decided there's only two stations playing at once.


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        oh yeah it happens all the time on big guitar amps.. never really heard of it being on a computer speaker but not totally suprised..

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          Highly amplified CB radios can cause it as well. Sometimes I get truckers talking on mine.
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            Do those kinds of ghost radio signals come from the home wiring or from the circuits and amplifiers in the speakers? If it's from the home wiring then maybe a good surge protector will filter that out of the power. If it's from the internal circuits in the speakers then you'd need to figure out some way to better shield the speakers and the wires.
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              Originally posted by john_childs
              Do those kinds of ghost radio signals come from the home wiring or from the circuits and amplifiers in the speakers? .
              It's definately the circuits and amps, my dad just explained to me how it was happening... but I only caught half of it, so I won't try and paraphrase


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                My mom works at the front desk of a doctor's office, and they have this semi-big speaker next to the window and whenever truckers stop at the stoplight right outside the window, they pick up their conversations. They caught them cussing once...


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                  Haha, that's awesome


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                    Originally posted by UniTyler
                    They caught them cussing once...
                    Oh my god! Truck drivers cussing? I've never heard of such a thing.
                    Rest in pieces.