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  • Hood River area MUNI rider

    Just wondering if theres ant muni riders interested in showing me some technical moves on Post Canyon sometime. I have been riding street unicycles for about two years, but feel as if I need to branch out some. I would like to meet some other unicyclists in the area and possibly start a unicycling club of some sorts

    Let me know if you have ideas or if you live in the Hood River area!!!!

    Why ride a two wheeler, when you can roll with ONE??

    I wonder who 1-Wheeler is, what motivates people to respond to this kind of pap, and whether the instigator will ever re-emerge. So many threads get started by people who never show up again. They stir the pot, run away, and let all the agitation run its course.

    -harper (on political debate)

    Well harper, seems to me I have re-emerged, but then again I never left in the first place....