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    Very cool. That's all good to know. I'll bet the meatballs are like what we in the USA call "Swedish meatballs." They are different from Italian meatballs, and usually served with a meat gravy rather than tomato sauce.


    While you and I are having our cake-and-ice-cream party, the others are having a drink-the-blood-of-the-poor party in the back room. --[QUOTE=maestro8;1433130]


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      Jag har en enhjuling i köket = I have a unicycle in the kitchen (I guess?!) ;D

      Yup, correct! Spelling absolutely correct too. It's fun to actually hear Finnish people speak Swedish too. It sounds rather fun...
      Never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams


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        4. Well.. Finns make jokes about Swedes, but they are considered quite nice people anyway. Germans and Russians aren't much liked. America is so far away that I don't think there is a strong opinion of Americans in general here. Bush and his politics are commonly not liked though (as I believe is the case in many countries) [/B][/QUOTE]

        Answer to the first sentence: Aw, don't say that you are as cruel as the norweigans!
        Tell me a joke about the Swedes please!
        Never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams


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          Orange: I couldn't remember any good swede jokes so I searched the net for some. Here's one I somehow found particularily hilarious (translated from Finnish):

          Swedish workmen are working on a new road. They need to blow up some rock out of the way with dynamite. One of them is ordered to light the fuse igniter. Hands shaking, he's fumbling a match out of the matchbox when another workman hollers "It's gonna blow!". They both run behind a nearby tree to take cover. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the other asks:
          -Did you get it lit?
          -I didn't have time to.

          Well that wasn't particularily about swedes (could be replaced with anything, like blondes) but in traditional Finnish swede-jokes, the typical swede is a bit retarded and gay :P
          I don't know where this kind of stereotype has come from, I don't have anything against swedes personally

          edit: correcting the joke a bit
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            Ah, that's exactly the kind of jokes that we tell about norweigans here!
            Never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams


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              The earlier mentioned Linda will be after the weekedn in Finland for a while.
              SMS me at +31 624-235053 and I'll SMS you her number back, so you can arange an apointment before she leaves The-Netherlands.
              +1 866 UNI-CYCL


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                MUni Meet


                Tänne Kuopioon muutes mahtuis edelleen rälläämään ja MUnimaan 30.-31.7.2005.
                Joten kaikki kynnelle kykenevät kruisimaan yhdellä renkaalla!!

                Finnish MUni Meet 30.-31.7.2005 in Kuopio, Finland.
                < http://jontta. >


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                  Now it's Finnish MUni Meet day, only one guy from Kuopio riding with me

                  If you are in finland, welcome to ride with us!!!
                  < http://jontta. >