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    Originally posted by saskatchewanian View Post

    Has there been any improvement in your daughter and son-in-laws situation?
    Yes. They will soon begin receiving unemployment compensation to the tune of some fraction of their income. There is a statewide moratorium on evictions as well as a federal moratorium. Things are transient so they don't know how they will fare in the long run. They're still understandably freaked out.

    -Greg Harper you ever have enough?

    Change is good. Bills are better.


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      My previous post from a few days ago is unapproved, so reposting.
      • This is how I plan to stay sane working from home.

        I've been WFH for 5 weeks now as I had ankle surgery (sustained from a bad dismount from a Giraffe unicycle). I think I've put on 2.5kg of weight due to WFH. I think I was raiding the pantry and fridge way too much out of boredom, plus being a bit crippled by the ankle didn’t help.

        So the day is not same-same and depressing and I don't comfort eat (this could go on for months), I've got this plan for me. It's a mix of activity, I've got things to look forward to and it really helps so I don't end up simply looking for things to eat out of boredom. l will still be productive at work and i'll end up with a cleaner house. (Which makes me happy). So I think it's a win-win-win.
        Additional ideas welcome.

        Btw, if I was working in the office, normally I would unicycle to the station 10 minutes each way (cardio), plus additional walking.
        Then I would go walk to people's desks/move around the office during work and go for a walk at lunch.

        My normal weekly activities include Sunday nights I would have women's comp volleyball (social event, fitness and fun), Monday nights I'd usually be doing an hour of aerial tissue (strength, stretching and social) and Friday nights I try to go to Unicycling meetup, the participants mostly play unicycle hockey. (Fitness, skills training and social). Weekends I may do some riding (bike or unicycle) or go canyoning or help with theatre set building etc. Due to WFH, I think my flexibility and cardio have gone downhill. Plus I’ve gained weight.

        Workday schedule:
        Morning - shower then breakfast.
        Start up computer and work.
        Mid morning break - 10-15 minutes home cleaning/decluttering. Gets me moving.
        Lunch - lunch plus unicycling practice (weather permitting). Or walk (when my ankle is better!) or do any errand. If cooking lunch, also pack dishes/clean kitchen. Note: right now (this stage of surgery recovery), bike riding is way better than walking.
        Mid afternoon - Another home cleaning blitz, 10-15 minutes. Gets me moving.
        Immediately after work - chinups, pushups, sit-ups and stretching. (Ok, I haven't done the pushups and sit-ups as yet). I realise I haven't really stretched since February, so I've lost a lot of flexibility.

        After that - free time!!

        I need to add something to really raise my heart rate, so maybe that needs to be part of the lunchtime plan. I still need to be careful with my ankle though, surgeon said not to do anything that could damage it till beginning of June.

        ps. If you are going to be anywhere with people not from your household, I recommend wearing a mask (over your mouth and nose). It can be homemade.
      • 2020-04-03, 06:06 PM
      If you are female please join the Female Unicyclists! group on Facebook!