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  • covid-19 containment thread

    How are you faring right in the middle of this covid19-epidemic?
    How about telling us what's happening in your country? and about your personal experience?
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    Well, here in Atlanta we're ordered to stay at home, but outdoor exercise is allowed, so I'm using it as an opportunity to learn to ride bike wheelies*. Which is a sort of unicycle, right?

    The amusing thing is that because nobody is at work, and all the kids are home from school, there are tons of people out and about. I may be social distancing, but I'm talking to more of my neighbors than ever.


    *I'm taking advantage of Ryan Leech's skills coaching website, which is offering the "30 day wheelie challenge" for free. Ryan was a Norco demo team teammate of Kris Holm back in the day, which is where I first heard of Kris.

    The link to get the course for free is here, no idea how long it will be valid for. It's a pretty good course, though, with opportunity to post video to get feedback and so on. I have no affiliation!
    Learn how to master the wheelie in 30 days.


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      In Germany, we can't meet up with more than one person, but we can still go outside for excercise. I strapped my uni to my bicycle a few days ago, and went to the trails. Normally I get there by bus or train, but it is recommended to avoid public transport. So it's a 13km bike ride each way added to cross country/enduro style unicycling, which makes it a lot tougher than usual. I'll need to bring more food and water next time, so I can stay long enough to make it worth the trip. Staying away from more dangerous trails is hard for me, but this is not the time to get myself into hospital. I found some good jumps that I hope I can film a video with when the worst part is over.

      University is shut down, due dates for assignments postponed. I hate studying at home (I usually go to the library). Anyone who is good at working in a home office here with some tips for me? I managed to clear up my desk, but unless I am forced to it by tight deadlines, I can't get myself to really sit down and study/work on the little cfd solver I should be writing.

      Homeoffice sucks, but atleast the home gym works for me, if anyone is getting bored, I recommend downloading the madbarz app and doing a bodyweight workout every other day. I am perfectly capable of designing a workout myself, but just scrolling through and choosing one, and having a timer/counter integrated is just easier.
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        There is an eerie silence around us: cars, trains, planes and even birds stopped singing. In the evening the Eiffel Tower flashing lights remind us the city is still alive.
        I went muniing in the woods 10 days ago.. but this is not allowed any more. I am lucky: I have a garden and place to move (my place is part of an old factory) . So trying to keep fit by practising katas (and also trying to learn to juggle: but I fail miserably).
        Being retired I have so many things to do that i forgot how to get bored ! The only dark side is when you learn that a friend "got it"...
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          We are in the early stages here in Canada, and Saskatchewan in particular. So far less than 100 confirmed or presumptive cases and only 4 of them that can't be traced back to out of province/country travel. Hopefully everyone takes this seriously and prevent widespread community transmission before it gets out of hand locally.

          I moved my office to my home on Monday. with non-field work I have the advantage of being able to start work at 6 or 7 AM if I want which I will take advantage of.

          Went out to one of the fuel reduction projects yesterday to GPS the portion that was not complete so the contractor could send us the invoice. slogging through the snow it was up past my waist in a few sections. It took me 40 minutes to walk less than 400m, not sure why I didn't think to bring snowshoes.

          It struck me while I was out checking the project that while we are "social distancing" ourselves with at least 2m spacing, that is exactly the same as we are prescribing for these fuel reduction projects. Thinning out the forest so the trees are 2m apart to prevent tree-to-tree transmission of wildfire.

          Finnspin: If you can make yourself a work schedule it would probably be beneficial. Maybe matching the times you would have been in class or in the morning before your brain gets distracted by everything else that is going on. When I went back to University a few years ago I had 7 classes in one semester (here you are considered full time with 3, and they don't suggest more than 5). Time management was really important and I had to make my own deadlines as waiting until the actual due-dates would make things clump up and the overlapping priorities would have been overwhelming.

          If you can assign your own due dates and stick to them that can help motivate you to get things done, and not spend too much time on relatively unimportant projects/assignments. Get your project that is only worth 2% of a class grade done to a "good enough" state by a self-imposed deadline then forget about it and work on your major project in the time that you would have otherwise wasted on trying to perfect the low value assignment.
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            My school district called an early Spring break last week. The next three weeks, we stay at home and engage in "remote learning". I teach violin/viola/cello classes to 4th and 5th graders. My main goal is to support them practicing at home. I spent most of my time last week preparing a web page with different-speed accompaniment .mp3 files for all the songs in the district book. Today, I will be videoconferencing with students who need help tuning. Violins, especially the cheap ones bought on Amazon, don't tend to hold their pitch. I expect some strings will be broken by students/parents. I teach at seven different elementary schools. Many of my students are privileged. Their parents are administrative professions currently working at home. These kids have access to devices. They have parent support. Other students' parents work two jobs, and English is not their first language. Unfortunately, for many students, remote learning is not going to work. They are going to play video games all day.

            In the last week, I saw crazy numbers of people out on the trails. I live next to a less-popular portion of a county wilderness park. We have had the most beautiful spring weather here. But, now, the authorities have started closing down beaches and parks. I am not sure how this affects my smaller, neighborhood parks. I was riding down the street, the other day, when a woman shouted, "Is that a new quarantine activity?" I had only a couple seconds to think of a reply. I said, "Yeah, I smell so bad, people stay away from me!"


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              They want everyone to F'in stay home in Los Angeles/CA/USA.
              Unicycle riding for me is a solitary activity, and I've always ridden my unicycle away from the public.
              There is no danger of spreading if you are away from everyone, but the "feeling" is everyone should f'in stay home no matter what.

              This just drives me deeper into isolated riding trails. Fortunately, there is absolutely no gridlock on our freeways to go, anywhere.
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                Originally posted by slamdance View Post
                There is no danger of spreading if you are away from everyone, but the "feeling" is everyone should f'in stay home no matter what.
                There was a long discussion about that on the French uncycling forum. My advice is that the feeling of "no danger" may be misleading.
                I told them that during a ride a dog wanted absolutely to befriend me... I was obliged to handle it with his collar... wrong! how about the collar being the vector?
                So bad luck happens all the time.
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                  Where I live people are allowed out for exercise provided they keep two metres apart. I went unicycling on a trail in the park but was put off by the many joggers huffing and blowing as I passed them they were also running in groups close to each other .

                  I now practise my muni skills on a hill where there are no joggers and am really enjoying it.