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Answers to "Where'd your other wheel go?" and "Hey, you got half a bike!" etc...

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  • Answers to "Where'd your other wheel go?" and "Hey, you got half a bike!" etc...

    What are your answers to the questions? If they're on a bike and ask "Where'd your other wheel go?" then I say "You stole it." or I look really confused ... if they say "You got half a bike!" and their on a bike, I say "You got twice a unicycle!"

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    I had a pretty big list of these replies that I'd found on r.s.u. but I seem to have lost it. Phil has a nice big list of his own somewhere.



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      I have the Automatic Retort Generator on my website, but for some reason it appears to have stopped working properly, it gives you the first one in the list most of time.

      The full list is here; feel free to add your own!

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        There's also a list here:

        < other wheel>

        Klaas Bil
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          My favorite is:
          "Ha! I don't need a training wheel anymore!"
          "Two wheels is twice as hard!"


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            on this side of the planet they organized a competition
            which I won handily (having flooded the thing with 25 proposals)

            I now have to translate these in proper english :
            excerpt :
            "hey mate! let's share some drinks : you will soon see both wheels!)

            "the other wheel is in my head!"

            and so on...

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              Originally posted by wobbling bear
              "hey mate! let's share some drinks : you will soon see both wheels!)bear
              i recently worked on the uni at a function in a 'meet-and-greet' capacity
              i used a version of this comment pre-empting the 'where's your other wheel?' question by riding up to people as they approached the venue and starting the conversation by saying
              "i know U're going to have a good evening tonight!"
              simple curiosity would force them to ask how i knew this, to which i replied "u haven't even started drinking yet and already u think my bicycle has only one wheel!"

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                but that makes it seem like biking is harder than unicycling
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                  Ride up close, shove them off the path and say, "A wheel on the path is worth two in the bush", then follow up with your best Nelson Mundt "Ha-ha!"

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