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    Not really on topic for unicycling, hence the post in "just conversation" but nonetheless I suspect many unicyclists will appreciate the skill displayed here on two wheels by Danny MacAskill
    in his latest video, Gymnasium
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    Well, since it is and to give a unicycle connection to some of Danny's other videos... here are some photos of my 29er at a couple of locations on Skye (where he comes from) which feature in "Way Back Home" and "The Ridge".

    This is the phone box he jumps up onto the top of in "Way Back Home". It is looking a bit worse for wear now (this was taken on a cold wet day in October 2018):


    These two are where he does the front flip over the fence at the end of "The Ridge" video. This is at the camp site at Glen Brittle which is at the southern end of the mountains which make up the Cuillin ridge. There is a gravel road which runs parallel to the fence which goes into the camp site, just prior to taking these photos I had done a bit of a superman UPD when I went into a pot hole in that road and went flying and hurt my hand and wrist. Not exactly in the same league as Danny's front flip over the fence! The photo where the uni is hung on the top of the fence post is pretty much where he did the front flip.