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  • Hello from Atlanta

    I am delighted to have found this wonderful forum. This is my first post. I have been trying on and off to learn how to unicycle for 6 years. Six years ago, when my oldest daughter was eight, I bought her and myself unicycles. She learned how to do it quickly, but I could never do it. Six years later, I tried it again with a younger daughter (5 years old). She learned it quickly. I wanted to try again, but thought that I was too old (58) and that I might break a wrist. But after reading entries from similarly ancient people on this forum, I went ahead and tried again. I used my older daughterís 20Ē unicycle, and that helped a lot.

    I practice half an hour each night, at 11:00, after wife and all kids are asleep. I must look like a total weirdo; this ghostly geezer in a reflective vest riding and falling on the deserted street. After lots of practicing on the back porch between rows of chairs, I finally was able to do it. Now I am getting reasonably good at free mounting; by the end of a session, I can do lots of free mounts in a row.

    I have had only bad bumps and bruises, but no broken bones. From lots of bloody scrapes, I have learned to armor up with all the knee/elbow/wrist/ helmet pads; just when I think that Iím getting good enough that I donít need the pads, I fall flat on the pavement. Unicycling is a wonderfully humbling activity.

    Iím having a total blast. Iím very grateful for the information and inspiration that I get from this forum. Thank you all for your contributions. Itís wonderful that such a community exists.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    My story is not all that much different.

    A fellow work mate from the motorcycle world taught me to think about wearing protection as follows:

    ďDress for the fall, NOT the ride!Ē

    I usually follow through. But, Iíve also received some painful reminders when I thought Iíd never need any protection on THIS ride.

    Keep it up, have a blast, and dress for the UPD,
    You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself....



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      Originally posted by Atlantan View Post
      Unicycling is a wonderfully humbling activity.
      Boy, doesn't that just say it? Just when you think things are going just right, down you go! Not only that, but some of my worst falls have been in the parking lot, before I even get to the trail!

      Welcome to the forum! Glad to see you are in a "flexible frame" regarding learning and progressing. I have every confidence that you will be a skilled rider soon. (This coming from another "senior" rider. )

      Cheers! (Post pictures!)
      "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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        Whatís next

        Could I get some expert advice? Iím getting pretty good now at turning and free mounting. I working now at riding while holding onto the saddle handle with one hand, rather than waving both hands around. What should I work on next?


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          Looking back at my own unicycle skills acquisition, "what next" was quite particular to my unicycling environment. For example, my street has no curbs; instead, there are gutters of sorts on the edges of the street. For me, learning to ride across them was a challenge. Most people don't have this kind of feature in their environment. For them it is something different. There are trails in my neighborhood, and it was only a matter of time before I wanted to ride up and down them.

          Now that you're holding on with one hand, riding on resistant surfaces with small obstacles to ride over...might be a next step.


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            Riding slow

            After reading a bunch of posts on the site, the next challenge Iím taking up is to learn to ride slow. Since that means that I fail and fall off a lot, it also means that Iím practicing a lot of free mounts.

            Thanks for the help!