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    Hey everyone, I'm one of few people I've come across that ride, just seeing who else is out there and what they ride. I ride in Carrollwood late nights usually. These are what I ride, I've had the giraffe for nearly a decade now and hardly touch it for obvious reasons. I picked up the other 3 in a span of 2 weeks on offer up, a random amazon 24 inch for 10, which had a bad crank. I painted the chrome white. Then the red 20 Torker CX, got for 30 and it was never even dropped once, so brand new essentially. And the 16 Torker CX for 15, that kid at least rode it and just moved on.
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    These are the ones I don't ride:

    I used to ride some of them, many are interesting ones I bought on eBay, and a couple are "loaners" to add to my so-called museum.

    These are the ones I do ride:
    Though the one I ride the most isn't included; a KH 36". My blue Muni up there is the one I ride second-most. My old 45" Big Wheel is in the back, my little 12" is in the front, and you can see the frame of my 9-footer back in the corner. It's stuck halfway to being a piece of wall art for the house; needs a bunch more paint to make it the "art" part...
    John Foss

    "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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      I would love to meet you and see that collection, that was just amazing, I've always wanted to try some crazy stuff but wont have the chance of means to for a while, I've never heard of a 45, thought 36 was it so that's mind blowing, my 5 footer is big but 9 sheesh lol, love the KH feom the research I've done, would love to try those out one day


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        Drive on over when you get the chance!
        My dad and I did it in 4 days a few years ago. I was helping him move from West Palm Beach.

        The 45" was handmade in 1982, about 17 years before anyone could buy a 36".

        For better results in trying stuff, look for unicyclists nearer to you. I don't know any offhand, but there are riders scattered around Florida. There are a lot less people using these forms than before Facebook and other forms of social media got big, you could also try looking for unicyclists on those.
        John Foss

        "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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          Hey TheAudioDr, I live in Westchase. Let me know if you ever want to go for a ride. I have never seen anyone riding a unicycle in the 18 years Iíve lived in Tampa. Itís good to know Iím not the only unicyclist in town. I ride a 26Ē Impact Gravity Pro and a 19Ē Impact Reagent Pro, but hope to have a collection like johnfoss someday.


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            Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
            These are the ones I don't ride
            What a coincidence! I don't ride those either!
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