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Hi from So Cal!

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  • Hi from So Cal!

    Hi new rider here, look forward to learning and getting some motivation from all amazing things riders are doing here. I am a decidedly unbalanced new adult rider on a 24 inch Sun. I am working on it but have some ways to go. Dealing with some falls and some wobbles as I get going. Heres to a new hopefully not hospital headed new experience!

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    Welcome Canica84.

    You will see how true «practice makes perfect» is !

    Have fun along the way and do not forget your protective gear and it should be okay
    => CrMo 29: KH XC rim, Nimbus CrMo hub, Spirit 110/137 & Schwalbe Big One
    => Flansberrium 26: Nextie rim, JumboJim 4.0, Spirit 127/150mm, M4O ISIS


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      Welcome to the forum!

      There is a group ride this Saturday in Fullerton, starting 8:30 a.m. There should be a lot of riders present. Not sure where in SoCal you live, but you will get a lot of inspiration and information if you can show up...even if you don't actually ride the event.

      Please respond if you're interested, and I can PM you more details. There is a email list also announcing group events in SoCal. Lots of nice people in this group. The organizer is the dad of one of our world class riders.


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        Thank you!

        Thanks for the invite! I am not in town this weekend but I will look forward to joining in some group rides especially when i can ride a little more distance at a time. I am wearing a helmet and working on trying to true up my rim as I feel it has more wobble then it should so it feels more unstable than it should at speed. I may have to bring it by the local LBS for a run on their truing stand. Thank you, look forward to learning more about my uni!